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Posted by Laurence Moroney (Member # 10187) on :
....and is there any update on its sequel?

It's been 7 years since 'Shadows in Flight' too...

Is it ever going to happen?
Posted by allannot (Member # 13878) on :
I've read in Quora that OSC stated that he was waiting to figure out what was the story of the descoladores and their planet. No news since that time. Hope it happens sooner than later.
Posted by Laurence Moroney (Member # 10187) on : offense if Mr Card is reading, but it's been 23 years. If he hasn't thought of it by now, then maybe he never will...?

Makes me sad. I loved this story, but if it's unfinished, it's undeniably tarnished.
Posted by allannot (Member # 13878) on :
Found this on a reddit post:

'"A story with working title "Messenger," which will be in an original anthology, and may also be the first few chapters of "Shadows Alive," the final Ender Universe story."


"Set after Shadows in Flight and Children of the Mind. Card last mentioned it in depth a 2015 interview, and in early 2018 he confirmed that he still hasn't begun writing, (however see "Messenger" above.)"

And finally:

"-When is "Shadows Alive" coming out?
OSC: - They always make me write the books before they'll publish them. I'm really waiting till I figure out what's going on with the Descolada planet. I've written myself into an ecological and evolutionary box."

I don't know what he meant but it seems that we won't hear about Shadows Alive until the publication of the 3rd book of the Second Formic War (The Queens). They're releasing the 2nd book of that trilogy (The Hive) in june and it's available for preorder on Amazon already. OSC stated that the wait between The Hive and The Queens won't be long so maybe the 3rd book will probably come out in 2020, so I'm guessing, if he start writing the rest of the book after that, we're seeing the publication of Shadows Alive before 2023 maybe?? [Dont Know]
Posted by millernumber1 (Member # 9894) on :
I would disagree that it's tarnished, at least for me. Children of the Mind is my favorite of the Speaker books, and I think the ending is really beautiful, even if there is no more.

(That being said, I would love more. [Smile] )
Posted by allannot (Member # 13878) on :
BUMP after one year. Still hoping to hear some news about Shadows Alive. Mr Card, you still got some fans waiting for the big wrap up.

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Posted by DustinDopps (Member # 12640) on :
On April 5, a new column was posted here on Hatrack that says:

"After a two-year drought, I've finished writing two novels since the start of 2020, and just wrote the first forty pages or so of The Last Shadow, the final tie-it-all-together volume of my combined Ender and Shadow series. Maybe my retirement plan ("Write Till You Die") is going to work out after all."
Posted by Candygirl103 (Member # 14347) on :
I have always hoped the descoladores are Bean's children trying to fix their genetic problem, full circle... but honestly, I will be very happy to finally have an ending.
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