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Posted by DustinDopps (Member # 12640) on :
Does anyone else miss the "We Review Everything" podcast? I thoroughly enjoyed it and am sad it disappeared.

Thoughts? Opinions? Is anyone there?
Posted by GentleGiant (Member # 12377) on :
Since OSC dropped the semi-weekly review column, the place has become a ghost-town; I only come and look once a month now, if that.

Not that the site ever updated the review on a weekly basis- at least for me.

Often it wouldnt show a new review column for 3-6 weeks, then suddenly I would have a huge backlog to read.
Posted by Craig Childs (Member # 5382) on :
I miss the reviews and the interaction between OSC and the fans.

It feels like OSC is in a semi-retirement phase, except of course he is still writing a book (sometimes 2) per year
Posted by GentleGiant (Member # 12377) on :

OSC is reviewing again, even if it is single topic reviews.

Hopefully he will get back into the swing of things and give us what we crave.

As per usual, even though I have visited the website several times, it is only today that the reviews showed up; this HAS to be a bug with the software used to publish the website.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
His most recent review appears to be inspired by a crossword puzzle with an incorrect definition for "a priori".

I'm going to guess that the new review cadence will match closely to how often he feels similarly irritated by something about which he hasn't yet written.
Posted by GentleGiant (Member # 12377) on :
Yeah, 3 months on and nothing new.

I'm going to give it to Christmas, when we usually get all the sickly sweet made for TV film reviews.

Then probably delete my book mark and clear my forum membership log in details during my next bookmark clean up.

Even the tumbleweed is getting lonely.
Posted by JanitorBlade (Member # 12343) on :

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