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Posted by ZaneHolden (Member # 14256) on :
I'm rereading this series (well, listening to them) and during the journey across Harmony (started primarily in volume 2) I conceived that it might be interesting to have a map of the planet, more specifically of the path taken across it at the behest of the Oversoul.

Has anyone ever seen such a map, or endeavored to create one? With the following that Card has I imagined that some readers must have had this notion previous to me, yet a search has turned up very little. Nothing really, unless you include a 'map' of which books to read in what order, though this primary apples to the Ender series, and anyway isn't very helpful because I find reading them in just about any order rewarding. Mostly just going by order of release is fine. That however is neither here nor there.

I've heard it shares much with the book of Mormon, is there perhaps some material to be had of use in that?
Posted by talsmitde (Member # 9780) on :
So far as I'm aware, there isn't a map of the whole planet, but the front matter of Ships of Earth has a map of the journey and I believe the front matter of the Call of Earth has a map of the regional powers.
Posted by MylahMaxwell (Member # 14308) on :
I think saw a post in a reading forum where a guy posted a selfmade map of it but im not sure now where to find it, i will try to share it to you if i find it.

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