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Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Right, so. In BtL's lovefest thread it was suggested that we have a get-together sometime in the next couple of weeks in Ontario so that Ophelia can stop by on her way back from Deutscheland. She needs it to be before the 15th of August, but not on the 9th. I'm more or less free anytime, though August 16th is very bad for me seeing as how I'll be at a Radiohead concert.

Let's get this thing sorted out. Yes, BtL, this means you have to think and plan rather than just flying by the seat of your damn pants. [Razz]

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Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
Okay. Well, I'll be back in the Detroit area on the 31st, and am leaving on some yet-to-be-determined day in mid-August. The only day I know I'm busy is the 9th, since it's my brothers' graduation party. Any other day should be fairly ok, assuming I can get a car.
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
I guess the thing to do is have everyone (which so far is just you, me, BtL, Jaiden, and pod, I think) list the days they're free. Then we can settle on a date, time, and place. [Smile]

I'm free more or less anytime that isn't 9-5, Monday-Friday. [Smile]
Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
I'm free almost anytime (except the 9th), afternoons/evenings being much better than mornings.

And as for place, the closer to Detroit, the better. (I'm pretty sure this is the only time I'll ever say that.)
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
*sadly removes wings from the seat of pants*

I can't think of any plans I have before the 15th. That doesn't mean I don't have them, I just can't think of them [Smile]
Like twinky, I'm working full time so 9-5 is bad. Doing it in Waterloo is fine, so long as we never ever set foot in the house. My house mates will be writing finals and I'm pretty sure they'd kill me if I littered the house with my internet friends.
I can work with London though. The advantage to next week is that it's a long weekend. Well, I don't know if it's an advantage or not, but it *is* a long weekend.
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Ophelia, you didn't do a 3,000th landmark post...

...I wonder if I should do one. I did one at 1,000, so I don't think I'll bother.

London's fine with me. I agree with the long weekend idea.
Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
I'm planning on finishing my recap of Europe sometime next week, and using it as a post-landmark post thread. [Smile]
Posted by Jaiden (Member # 2099) on :
I believe Pod and I are game for the 1st or 2nd of August (I should watch it- it's fine with me [Wink] ).

Thursday is for sure out because we'll be at a funeral in Kitchener (and afterwords with my family).

Sunday is also out because Ted and I are heading to Ohio then [Smile] .

Sorry for adding more constrants!

Waterloo, London, or anywhere else would be fine with us. And we could probably provide transportation to anyone else in the general London area.
Posted by Jaiden (Member # 2099) on :
Oh... as for my place, my housemate is having a friend stay over that weekend, so I'll have to inquire. I can't imagine it being a problem (unless, ummm, alcohol is a problem... I imagine they will be having a party either Friday or Saturday).

We're also in the middle of moving, so you may get well acquainted with my floor and a bunch of boxes [Wink]


And London just sucks.

I fully agree. Can we please go elsewhere? *was offering her house but... would rather not have it in London since I have no clue what we would do* I can make London sound worse if we're an easily swayed group [Wink]

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Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
Unless alcohol is a problem? Why would it be? Is someone else laughing at the fact that I don't drink? [Mad]

Sooooo... do we want this to be an evening thing, an overnighter or an all dayish Saturday thing? How long do we want to stay / is Jaids willing to put us up?

Hrm... London really does suck. But then, so does Waterloo. Waterloo is probably suckier than London, which is one of the suckiest sucks that's ever sucked. Which means we'll probably end up having to make our own fun. Oh well, first pick the day(s) and then we'll figure out what to do.
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Mmmmmm... alcohol...
Posted by Jaiden (Member # 2099) on :
I wasn't commenting about you not drinking- I know some have religious qualms, etc. and I thought I should warn people. I warn everybody [Razz]
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
<is warned>
Posted by Head Ditch Digger (Member # 5085) on :
I would come's Canada. [Razz]

edit to add: and the fact that I wasn't invited, but that's never stopped me before.

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Posted by Jaiden (Member # 2099) on :
My housemate replies:

It's my birthday and Jenni's birthday, we have hardwood floor everywhere and a lack of furniture at present. People can stay all week for all I care.
Posted by Thalia (Member # 3891) on :
Hey, this sounds fun, a hatracker gathering coming to my area. Amazing! Nowhere sucks as bad as Hamilton, so take your pick of anywhere else in the region.

Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
We still need to pick a time and place. It looks like Jaiden's place would be fine for Friday or Saturday, but people seem to agree that London is boring (I really wouldn't know. I like the London idea because it's the closest to me.). Boring places don't bother me if there are interesting people, though.
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
London isn't any more or less interesting than any of the other options with the exception of Toronto, which we've already ruled out. So it seems that London is our best bet.
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
I can't believe that I had to go all the way to the third page to find this thread. That's just sad, people. We're not very good at uniting, I can tell you that.

Right. So. Place = London.
There. I decided.
Jaiden, find us something fun to do [Wink]

As for what time… If we all arrive on Friday night we can have a slumber party. The advantages to that being that we can spend more time with each other, all the real hilarity happens after 1:00 am when everyone's dead tired, we can celebrate Jaiden's housemate's birthday, and stay up all night talking about cute boys.

The cons are that Jaiden's housemate may be annoyed when we drink all her booze, hardwood floors are overrated on the sleeping comfort scale and I sleep without a shirt on.

And we will, of course, clear out in time for Jaiden and Pod to make their way to the States to do... whatever it is they do.

Oh, and speaking of Pod, get off your rear, boy, and start posting some more!

Maybe he needs some sort of incentive.
*sets up strawman*
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
*bump 'n grind*
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Does Ophelia prefer days or evenings?

I made plans with you-know-who for Friday on the assumption that we'd be doing our shindig on Saturday, but those plans can be changed.

And BUMP! Let's get this thing together, people!
Posted by Pod (Member # 941) on :
hey guys.

I apparently wasn't entirely clear on how this whole thing was being arranged. heh.

So the deal is that i'm driving up weds. Jaiden and i are occupied by commemorations of unfortunate events on thursday. Jaiden then apparently has an appointment on friday along with some sort of relative's birthday party, thus leaving saturday, or at the worst late friday, for the best time for us to get together with people (sunday i must drive home, hopefully carrying jaiden off with me hehe).

please email me at or aim me at pod179 (or icq, 23828522 whichever), to let me know what you guys have going on and such. danke.

my pologies for being so oblivious
Posted by Pod (Member # 941) on :
If you people are serious about bunking at jaidens, i should inform you that there will be approx. ~10 other people here besides us. Thus, there will be a serious dearth of bedding. So, if you enjoy hardwood floors as a sleeping surface, nothing to worry about, however, if you prefer soft things, you might think about bringing some yourself.

As for alcohol, erm, perhaps we should try and figure out who actually has money for this [Wink]
Posted by Pod (Member # 941) on :
alright (yes i'm trying to make up for lost time post-wise heh), jaiden and i think that London is indeed incredibly boring if we're talking night life, and perhaps toronto would indeed be much more interesting. Since ophelia's major objection appears to be having to drive all the way up there, i will offer to transport people to an from toronto, to cut down on the amount that other people have to endure traffic and the like.

If objections still remain, we can of course, stay in london. [Smile]
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
Ok, let's scratch Friday night then. Ophelia will have only gotten back to the continent the day before, Pod and Jaiden will be have already had a long day and twinky's going out with Lord Voldemort.
So, Saturday it is. I'd say during the day, as Pod probably needs to get a good night's sleep before attempting to carry Jaiden off into the sunrise the next morning.
As for the London/Toronto debate, like I've said, I'm close enough to both that it hardly makes a difference to me. I'm sure Theca could make it to Toronto (when are you free, Theca? Haven't heard from you for a while). But Ophelia is a bit of a wild card.

Oh, and good to hear from you again, Pod [Smile]

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Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Actually, Voldy and I are staying in [Wink]

OMG, Teh Pod has posted! [Eek!] Long time no see, dude! [Smile] I still haven't caught up to you in posts [Wink]

But if we're going to wind up in Toronto anyway, there's no sense in my coming all the way down to London first [Razz] However, I don't know the first thing about Toronto nightlife. Seriously. Not a damn thing. I guess I'll be relying on others to show me the highlights of the city I live in.

But are people planning to stay in Toronto on Saturday night? I'm not sure I have space even if my cousin (who I live with) and his girlfriend (who's staying with us while her family is away) take off to the Dominican Republic (which they might do, possibly before this weekend, possibly after). As it is now I'm sleeping on the only spare mattress and I'm sleeping in the basement. [Razz] There's one couch, but that's all she wrote. Not the biggest house ever built.

And do we know what we want to do?
Posted by Pod (Member # 941) on :
Alright, so here's the deal with jaiden and i.

I'm leaving for ontario in under an hour. Once there, i believe we will be incommunicado in terms of the interweb. Twink should now have a phonenumber at which we can be contacted.

We sort of presume at some point we will be called and told whether we're meeting in london or Toronto. (personally i think there is probably more to do in toronto, and i can drive people who don't want to drive up [unless the problem is just being in the car for that much longer] and i think jaiden concurs with how boring london can be).

So that's our deal. Hope to talk to you folks soon
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Okay. I have Pod and Jaiden's number, so when we make the plans successfully I'll call them and let them know what the deal is.

To be honest, if we're just going to find a good place to sit and eat, drink, and be merry, we may as well just stay in London. It'll be cheaper and more convenient for more people. Ophelia said that she'd prefer afternoon/evening, and if she's planning to go back across the border on Saturday staying in London is the only sensible thing to do.

I know that BtL and I can get to pretty much anywhere. Jaiden and Pod can get to anywhere between London and Toronto. Thalia has said we can choose anywhere in the region. Thus, Ophelia, you're going to have to decide on a venue and timing, because we want to make sure you can come and it's not too inconvenient. [Smile]
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :

Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
Sorry. I was on planes and in airports all day.

Do I still have to decide between Friday and Saturday, or does twinky's date with the Dark Lord rule that out? Because I think that Friday evening would actually be better for me (less fighting over the family cars), but I could swing Saturday evening, too, if Friday's out.

And yeah, part of my objection to Toronto was just being in the car for that much longer; it makes for a 4-hour trip instead of a 2-hour one. And I don't really think that "nightlife" matters for a get-together like this. So my vote is still for London, I guess, if I must choose. It really is the most central location.

I'll check back in after a good night's rest.
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Well, it's not so much the date with the Dark Lord as it is that I work 9-5, Monday-Friday, so I wouldn't be able to get to London until 8 PM at the absolute earliest. That only leaves three or four hours of quality hanging out before we all have to turn around and go home. So Saturday is better in that respect since we can start in the late afternoon, do dinner somewhere, hang out in the evening, and then all take off in time to get home at a reasonable hour.

Given that, I agree that we may as well be in London.

Sound good?
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
See now, this is why I don't make plans. Why should I when I have people like twinky to make them for me? [Smile]

Considering tomorrow is Friday and we haven't decided anything, I'm going to go ahead and make the call saying we won't be doing anything that night. So let's do it on Saturday. We'll start, say, after lunch. Midafternoonish? That way people can sleep in, have lunch and do whatever they need to before going out. We'll meet up at Jaiden's, assuming we can all a number where we can reach her in case things go awry.

I'm sure there's something we can do in London, even it's an old fashioned staple like mini golf or the like. Grab some dinner somewhere (maybe even make it if we're feeling really adventurous) and then go out to a bar of some kind to while away the evening and people can leave as they need to.

Does this sound agreeable to everyone? Thalia, are you still thinking of coming?
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
I have Jaiden's number. I'll email it to the profile addresses of the folks who are coming. I should also call them, and soon I suppose.
Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
Sounds good, guys. [Smile]
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :

Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :

I just spoke with Pod and Jaiden. Tomorrow afternoon is fine with them. I haven't looked at train/bus schedules yet, so I don't know when I'll be arriving, but I said I'd call them again tomorrow with an update on arrival times for myself and BtL (who will most likely be using some means of mass transit).

When we get to London, we are to converge on Covenant Garden Market, which is just north of the train and bus stations and between the two (they are quite close together).

So. Update me on your travel plans/anticipated arrival times.

Ted has a deeper voice than I was expecting. [Smile]

Now it's off for my date with you-know-who.

Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
I'll be driving out there. I will arrive about two hours after I leave, which will be--??? It depends on when you guys are aiming to get there.

And Covent Garden Market seems like a pretty big place, from what I can tell. Whereabouts are we meeting there?
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
I'll be there at about 2 PM.

I don't know the meeting place at all; I'm just going to call Pod and Jaiden when I arrive and we'll work out the specifics then.

You have their number, right? I e-mailed it to you. Call them once you've found your way to London. [Smile]
Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
I'll also be there around 2 pm.
Posted by Jaiden (Member # 2099) on :
Yay! We have an idea of what's happening [Razz]

[Party] <---from Pod

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