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Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
Isn't this neat? Check this out.

"Bonobo chimpanzees are a fascinating species. These small primates live in the tropical forests of Zaire and a few other countrie, and they have recently been the subject of scientific interest. Why? Primarily because in contrast to ther primate species, including our own, they seem to live together in almost total harmony. Fights, bullying, and all other forms of aggression are almost unknown. What accounts for their calm and peaceful existence? One possibilty involves their sexual behavior. Bonobos win the prize among all primates for high interest in sex. They often have sexual relations twenty or more times a day, and females are just as enthusiastic about these activities as males; indeed, females have twenty different gestures for signaling to males that they are interested! Bonobos seem to use sexual relations as a means of reducing tension or anxiety: Whenever they are frightened or upset, they quickly pair up and begin mating. Is there a lesson here for our own species..."
-- Psychology 5th Edition; Robert A. Baron
Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
Should I change the name of this post to "Sex Apes" just to get more replies?
Posted by tonguetied&twisted (Member # 5159) on :
Yup. You sure should.
Posted by Evie3217 (Member # 5426) on :
Noble Creatures is too.....well noble. w/ this crowd, you need to catch their atteniton (and the word sex for some reason always has that effect)
Posted by EllenM (Member # 5447) on :
Joke first:

Do you know why men are like linoleum?

If you lay it right the first time, you can walk on it for 30 years.


Are the male bonobo's the aggressors when it comes to fights, and do they stop because they get distracted by a hot bonobo giving them the sign for sex?

[Hail] to the power of sex.
Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
I named it that because, well, there's this one scene in the simpsons where Homer refers to apes as "noble creatures," and the next scene is a monkey grasping a tree trunk with its buttocks and rubbing them up and down to scratch it and hooting with delight.

And, from what I understood, they really aren't the aggressors within their own species. On account that they're tired from all the crazy monkey sex.
Posted by Mr.Funny (Member # 4467) on :
Happy medium? If one is too much and the other not enough, what happens if you combine the two?
Noble sex? [Eek!]

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