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Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
They're the only ones I can think of responsible for this.

And that just ain't right.
Posted by Storm Saxon (Member # 3101) on :
Oh, and we just stumbled on that link by *accident*, right?

[Laugh] Ralphie
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
Posted by zgator (Member # 3833) on :
You scare me sometimes, Ralphie. [Angst]
Posted by T. Analog Kid (Member # 381) on :
These Germans rock... you'll be amazed at what they can do with 64k. I recommend starting with FR.08 - "The Product" because the scrolling text at the end does a really good job of bragging and will make everything else seem more impressive.
Posted by Kayla (Member # 2403) on :
You know, if you get rid of the "ooka chakka hooga hooga," the song itself is horrible. I mean, it's bubble gum pop, but not awful bubble gum pop. And he is a pretty good singer. I just wondered what kind of drugs they gave him when they pitched that video idea that made him think it was a good idea. [Eek!]
Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
My favorite is when he's flapping his wings and pretending to fly.
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
These would have to be my favorite Germans.

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