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Posted by sndrake (Member # 4941) on :
OK - Last time I did something like this I found out it was already old news. Hope this is new - it's a current AP story - and on a topic that seems to unite Hatrackers of all political persuasions. [Smile]

Telemarketers don't think Dave Barry is funny.

Telemarketers don't think Barry is funny


MIAMI -- Now it's the telemarketers who are getting the calls, thanks to Dave Barry, U.S. humour columnist.

The American Teleservices Association was targeted by Barry in his Aug. 31 column. He urged readers to call the ATA and "tell them what you think" about telemarketers.

"I'm sure they'd love to hear your constitutionally protected views! Be sure to wipe your mouthpiece afterward," wrote Barry, whose column is syndicated to some 500 newspapers across the country.

Thousands of readers responded with a flood of calls to the group's offices, causing the association to stop answering its phones.

ATA executive director Tim Searcy said the added calls will be costly for the group because of toll charges and staffing issues. "It's difficult not to see some malice in Mr. Barry's intent," Searcy said.

Barry hardly sounded apologetic.

"I feel just terrible, especially if they were eating or anything," he said. "They have phones like the rest of us have phones. Their attitude seems to be if you have a phone, people are allowed to call you."

Callers to ATA now hear a recording that says because of "overwhelming positive response to recent media events, we are unable to take your call at this time."

Waddya think? Fair use of First Amendment? Payback? Harrassment? Just Plain Funny?
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
I heard about this last week.

Brilliant, payback, and just plain funny!

[Big Grin]
Posted by Chade Fallstar (Member # 5581) on :
That is beautiful.
Posted by Willy Shmily Tiger (Member # 5647) on :
[Laugh] [ROFL] [Laugh]

Hobbes [Smile]
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
I agree!! It's about time that they got a dose. I'm sure they get telemarketer calls individually at home, but I'll bet the CEO of ATA has a telemarketer-blocker on his own personal phone. [Smile]

I believe I heard something about a list that is coming out in October or something. If you request to be on it, it becomes unlawful for a telemarketer to call you...anyone else hear about this?
Posted by sndrake (Member # 4941) on :
The column itself was published about 2 weeks ago - perhaps less in some of the outlets his column is published in. I think this is a fresh AP story on the ATA's response.

BTW, there is a "do not call" registry, that is at a very easy to remember URL:

For those who have already signed up - like me - the prohibition on most telemarketing calls goes into effect on October 1. You can still sign up any time, but the prohibition on telemarketers calling you won't take effect for about 3 months after you register.
Posted by Sid the SIoth (Member # 5654) on :
I think that calling them feels better.

And I say this having worked as a telelmarketer and hating every second of it. Except staff meetings. there were doughnuts at those.
Posted by Danzig (Member # 4704) on :
Telemarketers are not, but I certainly am.
Posted by Kayla (Member # 2403) on :
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
I think we should set up an automatic dialler to call the telemarketing companies constantly (it's only fair since they feel that they can do the same in calling our numbers).

I feel no sympathy for the telemarketers. Some have managed to get their hands on my cellphone number, and now I get solicitations on my cellphone! [Mad]
Posted by Jeffrey Getzin (Member # 1972) on :
Heh. I worked at Dialogic for eight yeaers. I could write an autodialer in less than 15 minutes that calls them hundreds of times in a minute. [Big Grin]

Posted by Chris Bridges (Member # 1138) on :
No, no, this is a very bad idea. All it does is lower us to their level, and we're better than that.

Really, anyone who called to harass the telemarketers should stop whatever they're doing, right away, and call them back to apologize.
Posted by Amka (Member # 690) on :
Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
[ROFL] [Big Grin] Chris [Big Grin] [ROFL]
Posted by James Tiberius Kirk (Member # 2832) on :
(CB, That was classic.)
Posted by blacwolve (Member # 2972) on :
Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
wow, a reverse pyramid of smilies.
Posted by Petra'sDaughter (Member # 5539) on :
Personally, I liked Seinfeld's response
(something like this)

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm awefully busy right now. Why don't you give me your number and I'll call you back......Oh. You don't want people to call you at home? Now you know how I feel. *click*"

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