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Posted by Amka (Member # 690) on :
I would give you folks more notice, but often I don't get as much. Sorry about that.

We are having a LAN party this friday. Everyone is welcome. I will reserve two computers for Hatrack folks who can't bring their own computer.
Posted by raventh1 (Member # 3750) on :
hmm, I'd like to come, although I'm working security from 10pm to 6 am, on friday.

I don't think I could make it; I'll look into it though.
Posted by Amka (Member # 690) on :
We have someone who won't be coming until 10:30.

People usually start coming between 7 and 8. If you can come sooner, that is okay. If later, that is okay.

Unreal (maybe)
Wolfenstein (maybe)
Or any good multiplayer you can think of, if someone has it.

Problem with Total Annhilation (even though it is one of my favorites) is that if someone dies early on in the game, they are out for a good hour or so.

It is also potluck snack.
Posted by T_Smith (Member # 3734) on :
Wow.... did I luck out or what? It just so happens to be that I have Friday off, a working car, no plans, and a hankering for some LAN spankering.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Hmm. I'll see if I can line up some work for the hubby and get away. Or maybe I'll explain it to him and he'll want to go.

You know, I was online quite a bit yesterday and didn't see Amka and as I was falling asleep last night it fell into my "worry about this" slot. What with Pat's thread about Hatrack listing to port . Glad to see you're probably just getting ready to be invaded.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
I'm in Virginia.

I don't think I can make it.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
:bump: What to bring. Hm Hm Hmm. Prolly brownies
Posted by Zevlag (Member # 1405) on :
I'm gonna try and make it, but I think I am being dragged to my Father's company party.
Posted by T_Smith (Member # 3734) on :
Zev, there aren't many times in life that I would recommend that you don't go to a boring company party you probably didn't want to go to in the first place and actually enjoy yourself with your friends by playing computer games and drinking drinks and shouting random things like "HAHAHAHA I KILLED YOU, BOW DOWN TO MY GLORY" and...

Anyway, still not recommending it. But if you can, that'd be cool.
Posted by Amka (Member # 690) on :
Still on folks, anyone need directions email me at

Also, we have Warcraft 3 now, so that is a possibility on the list.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
:bump: two and a half hours. Hmmm.
Posted by Trespassin’ Tiger (Member # 5696) on :
Everyone should come to Indiana for a LAN party! Right now! Arrrr!

Hobbes [Smile]
Posted by Ye Olde Insufferable Bitch (Member # 5607) on :
Dang, I forgot to ask Amka to do the really evil thing to T that I had in mind.

Next time....
Posted by T_Smith (Member # 3734) on :

Did it involve an apple?

I'm bringing mini-pizza bites, 2 bags just in case. I have a habit of over bringing, but I figure its a better habit than under bringing.
Posted by Zevlag (Member # 1405) on :
Well, I'm not making it. Party was ok, didn't get a date. [Frown]

I'm a little down, I need to frag. If you guys can throw up a internet server, any game. I will gladly join. That goes for anybody else/any game.

'les play!

Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Everyone should come to Indiana for a LAN party! Right now! Arrrr!

Where in Indiana?

[The Wave]

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