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Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
Dobie not dead, [Wall Bash] [Wall Bash] [Wall Bash]
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
I'm sorry Shan. I too wish to mourn it's loss. [Razz]

BUT, I'd also like to say: Hey girl! Where you been all my life? It's good to see you!! [Kiss]
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
Hi Narnia, [Wave]

I've been playing "tag, you're it!" with lotsa different doctors. Wanna play?

How ya been?

Did I hear there is going to be another get-together soon? Goody gumdrops! I need to get out of this place and see some friendly faces!
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
Yeah. We(Ralphie, jeni, PSI and I) were thinking November if OSC shows up for a book signing.

Zotto is moving down and Annie is considering coming out for a visit over Christmas break. If she does, we'll have another get together of sorts, or a full shabang if we can't get together in November. As soon as we find out about the book tour, we'll have to start planning cause you, PSI and jeni have to drive a bit to get here. Maybe he'll end up signing in Seattle and we'll all have to go up there! Who knows?

Everything is tentative, but we're getting restless too. It's time for a party!!! [Big Grin]

Right Ralphie?
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
Sighs with pleasure.

Can't wait.

Will offer house as a midway point for party if signing takes place in Seattle.


That's what overnight's with friends are for, right?

Posted by Patsy (Member # 5699) on :
The sooner we can nail a date, the better. Between school events, church events, and family events, the holiday season gets packed pretty quickly.

And Portland would be best, so I can do my Christmas shopping without paying sales tax. [Evil]
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
I thought Oregon changed that law? Did I hear wrong? [Dont Know]
Posted by Patsy (Member # 5699) on :
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
Something about a way to fix budget deficits, I thought - could have just been a malicious rumour. [Evil]
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
Sgotta be a rumor. I couldn't handle it if it was true. [Angst]

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