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Posted by Patsy (Member # 5699) on :
The game is on for Monday after all, if I can get the kill from the Mafia before I leave for Seattle in the morning. I started looking at my upcoming schedule and don't think we can take Monday off after all. I'm leaving for Denver next Sunday, so the game has to be over by Saturday.

I'm suspending the 'everyone must post at least once per day' rule just for tomorrow, since we weren't originally going to play then.

Also, there will be a rule change to make sure the game is over by Saturday. Starting Tuesday, the mafia will get to kill two each night.

If you're vehemently against this change, and have a better idea for making the game go faster, please let me know. By email, preferably.

You can face the peril, I'm sure. [Smile]

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Posted by Feyd Baron (Member # 1407) on :
Well, that'll effectively remove the abstaining option. As I see it, we simply won't be able to wait for an ID, it's going to become too expensive.

Hmm... Well, I'll be posting tomorrow some time I suppose.

Feyd Baron, DoC
Posted by msquared (Member # 4484) on :

With the police I have trained it will be over by Wednesday. Can the townies lynch two mafia if the police release two names?

Posted by msquared (Member # 4484) on :
The abstaining thing has not stopped any lynching. At least two people have died every day, except the first where the townies have no lynch. In fact we are one person ahead since two people were lynched on the day that Damander and Narnia died. All the abstaining talk has done is make the mafia more obvious. We have at least 3 maifa down and a possible 4th right now. And that is in 5 days of lynching. Not bad.

Posted by Erik Slaine (Member # 5583) on :
Enough talk! Let's get killing!
Posted by Her Royal Sweekiness (Member # 5747) on :
The abstaining thing has not stopped any lynching.
That's exactly Feyd's point, I think. With the citizens being morally upright and abstaining, the mafia get two chances to kill citizens instead of one, because They still vote.
Posted by msquared (Member # 4484) on :
Yes but it makes them targets. They have not been getting two townies every day. Look at the results. The townies have lynched only two townies in 5 days and 3, maybe 4, mafia. Compare that with a usual game. In most games there are at least half a dozen townies that get lynched.

I do not count the mafia hit. There is nothing that can stop that, short of the doctor, but so far the lynching with out evidence has only helped the mafia.

Overall I would say that the strategy has worked for the townies.


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