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Posted by Beren One Hand (Member # 3403) on :
Why? Because I need to feel like a winner after Annie and Morbo handed my ass to me in Trivial Pursuit last night. Actually, was it "handed" or "handled"? [Eek!]

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Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
I dunno. Maybe we should ask Valentine.
Posted by Beren One Hand (Member # 3403) on :
[No No]

That is NOT suppose to leave the chat room. Window.
Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
No, no, no. It's "Djibouti window."
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
chino Belgium Venus de Milo Funambulism phrenology

You had some killer jokes, Beren. And you won some. Do you have cable, dial-up or ISDN? That factors also. I have cable but cannot type, so that evens out some. I'm quick with 4 finger typing, though.

Frisco was slaying everyone with his jokes.

Best trivia:
funambulist=tightrope walker--I totally guessed on this based on ambul=walk

phrenologist=discredited 19th cent. psuedo-science of predicting character based on head bumps. I totally spaced on this one, forgot who got it.

pub in Liverpool that launched the Beatles=the Cavern. Nobody got this one until hints were given.

barbary corsairs=pirates. I think they got the US Navy going to protect our shipping
funny answer:
Annie:What's the most common profession for female members of computer-dating clubs?
Beren:FBI agent

funniest G-rated moment: (annie kept getting bumped out by her software)
(12:16:58 AM)annieshakira has entered the room.
PSITeleport(12:16:58 AM): she asks the worst questions
PSITeleport(12:16:58 AM): oops
vwiggin69(12:16:59 AM): lol
x35thPresidentx(12:17:39 AM): hahahaha
annieshakira(12:17:39 AM): -10 points for PSI]

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Posted by Beren One Hand (Member # 3403) on :
Mormo my friend, I don't think an ansible connection would've defeated you two. [Smile]
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
Thanks, you are too kind. I was in a zone.

[edit: I may have a Secret Weapon. Not cheating, googling or roommates [edit2: nor do I own TP, haven't played in. . . 15 years? A long time in any event. Have only played formal TP a handful of times]. You'll have to wait for my post #2000 landmark
*trying to build up buzz before landmark*]

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Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
And Annie, just. . . wow. I knew you were smart, funny and charming from your posts, but I didn't know you were that smart,funny and charming until in a chatroom with you. You crushed me in the second round, I barely got out of single digits--12 pts . But I may have edged you out in the face-off. Looking forward to a re-match.

RRR was answering djiibouti and window to whatever he didn't know. What the heck is djiibouti anyway?

Muppet kept calling me Mormo. Glad you got a date, Ashley(?)

Thanks to all the players.

And thanks to Annie and xnera(sp?) for refereeing.

All in all I had a great time, after a down week. I needed a boost. Now that I've made my bones I'll play the next game more for laughs.

Except for Annie. Bring it, French Vocab Chick!
*hurls down gauntlet* [No No]

[edit: You were missed, Ry. Not be me, but you were missed.j/k]

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Posted by Ryuko (Member # 5125) on :
;_; WAHHHHH!!!! I'm SO playing next week!
Posted by xnera (Member # 187) on :
I believe Djibouti is either a country or a capital of a country. ETA: I was right on both counts! The capital of Djibouti (a country in Africa) is Djibouti. *giggles*

I had lots of fun last night! Yeah, I didn't get a lot of the answers, but that's okay. I probably would have gotten more if Morbo wasn't so fast. [Wink] And yes, I have DSL, so I'm not slowed down by a dialup connection. I've noticed, though, that it takes my mind a second or two to process what I'm reading, which does slow me down. I bet if we were sitting in a room and reading the questions out loud, I'd be much faster.

Let me know when you want to do Star Wars Trivial Pursuit!

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Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
How about tonight 10 PM EST? Star Wars might level the playing field somewhat, as I assume everyone here has seen the 5 films. I've only read 1 SW book though.

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Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
I started the Chino, but Beren or someone kept using it.

And, yes, I have a date for homecoming. Mormo said he was gay. I kept my vicious retort to myself. [Big Grin]


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Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Thanks to all who came and played. And you have to come back, Beren, because believe it or not, you got a lot of them right, and you're an entertaining chap to hang with.

*Picks up Morbo's gauntlet* - did you lose this, Herr Weimar?

I so had that one.

And thanks to xnera for reading, and to RRR for the background music and for not jumping out the window, and to JonnyNotSoBravo and TSmith and Muppet for sticking around for so long, and to Frisco and Caleb for being so funny I had a hard time typing in straight lines.

Good times, good times.
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Oh - and the funniest answer of the evening:

Annie: Who wrote A Farewell to Arms?

PSI Teleport: Venus de Milo
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
[Grumble] Alright, that was a gimme.

I guessed anyway, never heard of that guy.The cards had several mistakes that would have given me at least partial credit.
But you didn't hear me whein about it. (Till now.)

Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Whein? Wheining Sie, Herr Morbo? [Razz]

I just had to contest that to save my dignity - you totally whupped me at Beren's qustions.
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
Yes, but like I said, you ruled in xnera's round. Cut me down a notch after my 103 points in your first round as ref.

I call it a draw.
Posted by Dragon (Member # 3670) on :
Wish I could've come earlier and stayed longer, that was wicked fun! Definatly need to do that again sometime!
Posted by Caleb Varns (Member # 946) on :
Having dial-up was a downer--you knew that if you'd had time to read the whole question, you were already too late to type in the answer [Smile] .

But the little while that I spent playing was a blast. Next time let's play Twister™.
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
Posted by JonnyNotSoBravo (Member # 5715) on :
yeah, it must be the dial up I'm on...that's it...not that Annie and Morbo are ex 5 time Jeopardy winners with encyclopaedic knowledge of Sports and Leisure, Art and History, Entertainment and the rest of the TP topics... [Taunt]
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Right hand red!

That may not be very good for Beren, either...
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
And, yes, I have a date for homecoming. Mormo said he was gay. I kept my vicious retort to myself.
ashley. Hey! Someone else said your date was gay, I just said he was in denial. Then later I told people to be nice when they kept saying it. Then you said I was gay! When I said that "haibibi" joke I didn't know what it meant. I am not gay! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Ashely, I had Viens, Habibi stuck in my head all night. You have to listen to it. (Mostly in French, but some Arabic mixed in there.)

In fact, you should buy the whole cd.

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Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
habiibi means "my lover" in arabic, but it's connotation is simply "the object of my affection", with the gender roles dropped. [Big Grin]

I make fun of T and call him "habiibi T." I suppose it's only funny to me, because 'habiibiti" means "I love you."

this has the habiibi song on it, the one that goes "habiibi, habiibi, habiibi..." then something about eyes, but I don't remember who sings it or what's it's called. It's a cool site anyay. Just don't bother with anything Lebanese, their music is just like ours.

Mormo, did I call you gay? I don't remember. I'm sorry.

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Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
No worries. You said (I thought) habibi depends on if your asking a boy or a girl, I thought you meant am I a boy so I said "boy," someone said I asked a boy, yada yada.

Sorry I said your date was in denial, it seemed funny at the time but now not.

Hope you have a fabulous date with him. Any boy that will sing to get a date is a keeper.
Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
Hey, Morbo: SHE. She, she, she.
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
I am so sad I missed it last night. I definitely want in next time, be it for Star Wars or whatever.

When the Lord of the Rings TP game comes out (15 November), we should have a marathon of that. [Big Grin]
Posted by Beren One Hand (Member # 3403) on :
Xnera and Annie were awesome refs! My favorite part of the game is when we called Annie all sorts of names when she left the room temporarily. [Taunt]

Ashley, I believe all that gay talk was just a manifestation of our jealousy. I wish I had my own singing Mormon boy, whether he be straight, gay, or Republican. [Smile]

I did not abuse Chino as an answer, although I did answer Khakis a couple of times just to balance things out.

As for the Weimar answer, I dug the question up from one of my *OLD* college papers, which I probably bought online or something, so you could very well be right Annie. As far as I'm concerned, you edged out Morbo in the Xerna rounds, so you guys are still even and I would definitely try to make the next game just to see who wins. [Big Grin]
Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
I guess I need to get funnier before the next game. And memorize more songs.
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
I was the one who kept saying chino when I didn't know the answer, cause it sounds funny.
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
Carrie, more than one person said you were the person to beat at trivia, so I hope to go up against you. I like your landmark, just too lazy to post there yet.
Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
I used to live in Chino, so it always seemed like a perfectly valid response to me. [Big Grin]
Posted by Ryan Hart (Member # 5513) on :
When are we playing again. I had to leave right as I came in the room.
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
I don't know if I'm "the person to beat" at trivia, but I do love playing. And thanks! [Big Grin] I hope to hear from you, be it in my landmark thread or in trivia chat.
Posted by flyby (Member # 3630) on :
I had a blast playing TP, even though I only got one question right, but it was awesome. The thing is that I had more fun playing TP than I did hanging out with the girls on my floor for "Girls Night". I don't know, it just didn't end up being any fun, but then I turned to Hatrack, and whoa, there was fun. I love hatrack, so special.

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