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Posted by jeniwren (Member # 2002) on :
Hi. I'm Pat's friend. And I'm female.

I'd vote for him just because he's so darn sexy with that gap between his teeth.

Do you think it's right to vote for someone just because you think they're sexy? *ponders*
Posted by Kayla (Member # 2403) on :
All that time in braces and he still has a gap? He should take the orthodontist to court!
Posted by Patsy (Member # 5699) on :
No one ever calls me Pat. So my affiliation is that I have too many letters. I don't know who this Pat person is, but if he's a poof, we should vote for him whether he's sexy or not.

'scuse coconuts are getting away.
Posted by Pat (Member # 879) on :
There is no gap. The gap has been gone for well over a year now.

But I'm still right sexy.
Posted by jeniwren (Member # 2002) on :
I'd still vote for you. [Smile] Though the loss of the gap loses you a few points. And the fact that you didn't go to the PacNW Get Together.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
I'd need some live footage. While swimsuits are not PC, some sort of revealing evening wear would be appreciated. Then I can get the vibe on his "temperment". A 360 degree pan is, of course, a must.
Posted by JonnyNotSoBravo (Member # 5715) on :
On the one hand, he doesn't like Josh Groban's new CD, and on the other he was vain enough to get rid of the manly hockey-player-ish gap in his teeth...I guess that about makes him...yup, androgynous.
Posted by Bob_Scopatz (Member # 1227) on :
I'd vote for Pat with or without a gap simply because he's the right man for the times.

I think.

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