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Posted by Yebor1 (Member # 1380) on :
1) Getting a Job
2) Getting out of my car
3) Getting where i need to be so i can be more of who i am and more of who i am going to become.
4) The movies I have yet to see

starting in december of 2002 I began going to the movies again. In less than a year I have seen more movies in the theater then i have seen in a theater in my enitire life. Granted I usually had to wait untill they came out at the dollar theater but that did not lessen my movie going experience (except for their tiottal lack of professionalism, customer service standards, and a new trend of seeing the same 6 commercials before we even get to the previews)

Lets see if i can remember what I have seen

The Attack of the Clones (go yoda)

The Two Towers (is that a split personality Smeagol)

X-men United (i cried when Loganb had to Kill to defend the children. He shouldn't have ever had to do that)

Hulk (I sometimes feel like Bruce...we all have the inner rage luckilly i learned to control mine at 4)

Teminator 3 (perfect ending should have known by the title)

Finding Nemo (jhaaa dude.....I saw a boat)

One Upon A Time In Mexico (depp's shirts were priceless)

Pirates of the Caribean ( I was pulling for you the whole time)

The Rundown (go away monkeees)

Matix:reloaded (I wish someone would have shot the Frenchman)

Matrix:Revolution (Dammit Just shoot him i cant stand that arrogant prick)

Scary Movie 3 (Bring back the Wayons if your going to make anymore)

The Return of the King (Forget Frodo lives.... Samwise Lives)

Jeepers Creepers 2 (just trying to kill two hours man did i feel like something was killing me its only saving graces the dad bent on revenge and the creature in the back window.....maybe i should have seen "one" first)

I know ive seen other but they arnt comming to me right now

Movie I want to see in the next year

Spiderman 2
The chronicles of Riddik
The butterfly effect
i know i am missing a few that i want to see but my brain seems to be turning to mush.

will think on it
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
Things I'm looking forward to in 2004

a) graduating from college
b) getting accepted to grad school
c) starting grad school
d) being broke (STILL!!)

Yep, that's pretty much it. As far as movies go, I started a seasonal movie thread a few days ago that's probably on the 20th page by now, and I don't have the strength to look up all the ones I want to see. Here's a couple I remember: Hidalgo, Spiderman, and Harry Potter...

It's going to be a busy year!!
Posted by CalvinMaker (Member # 2032) on :
1) Starting College
2) Seeing Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
Wenchcon [Big Grin]
Posted by eslaine (Member # 5433) on :
Whatever it brings...
Posted by Teshi (Member # 5024) on :
1) Graduating
2) The Olympics!
3) My eighteenth birthday.
4) Moving out (I think...)
Posted by Da_Goat (Member # 5529) on :
I'm looking forward to spending the money I've earned with my new job. On what, I'm not sure, except for Spider-Man 2, of which I am sure. Probably most of the rest will end up going into my gas tank.
Posted by Eaquae Legit (Member # 3063) on :
Things to look forward to in 2004:
- my first apartment
- cooking for myself
- as far as movies go, Spiderman 2 and The Passion
- Latin, Latin, and more Latin
- going to Rome and Greece
- having my driver's licence (finally!!)
- summer
- Christmas
Posted by Ryuko (Member # 5125) on :
Kill Bill Volume 2.


Millenium Actress, which I MUST SEE

And, uh... Sleep.
Posted by MaydayDesiax (Member # 5012) on :
Kill Bill 2
RotK extended edition
One year less until I get to marry Bernard.

What could be better?
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
It's kind of a let down year...

No Matrix to look forward to.

No Lord of the Rings installment.

[Frown] What are my reasons for living? Oh yeah. I have to graduate from college so I can eventually get a JOB!
Posted by Yebor1 (Member # 1380) on :
Things I forgot

Blade 3
This new movie out about some robot
(dont remember what it was called)

more to follow as i rememeber
Posted by Farmgirl (Member # 5567) on :
My 2004 outlook:

1) attending my first live YANNI concert.... which also brings me possibly to:

2) an actual date!


[ December 22, 2003, 03:29 PM: Message edited by: Farmgirl ]
Posted by JaneX (Member # 2026) on :
1. WenchCon!! [Big Grin]
2. Getting college applications over with, finally...
3. Graduation! [Cool]
4. Turning 18
5. Voting against Bush in my first election
6. Starting college [Eek!]
7. ROTK special edition

...and there's probably some more stuff I've forgotten...

Posted by fiazko (Member # 5812) on :
1. Harry Potter 3
2. Spiderman 2
3. The Chronicles of Riddick
4. RotK EE
5. Paying off some debts
6. Losing weight
7. Anytime I get to eat cookies, bacon, cheese, beef...ok, forget number 6
8. The Bean learning how to walk and talk
9. Road trips
10. KTs 25th

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