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Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
I'm trying to get my wife the Spanish version of the adventure game Runaway (it was originally a Spanish title, which gave me the idea in the first place), and I'd like to surprise her with it. I wrote to the software development company that makes the game, asking if the Spanish version was available in the US, and they said that while it wasn't, I could probably buy it from

I've found the game there, but my very rudimentary Spanish skills are getting in the way of my actually finding out whether I can get the game mailed to the US.

Here's the page I'm getting stuck on:

I see that I can select the US when I click on the "Seleccionar zona de envio" section, but then it looks like it's asking me something about population, so I think I'm out of my league. Can anybody give me a hand?
Posted by Jexxster (Member # 5293) on :
I just checked it out and it appears you should be able to get it sent to you. Click on the "Seleccionar Zona de Envio" button and then change the country to the US (Estados Unidos-though I'm sure you knew that). In Poblacion put in the name of the City, State Abbreviation. In the CP (Codigo Postal) put the zip. Should work for you that way. Let me know if you need anything more!
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
Okay, another question. I'm wading through the process of registering with the site, entering my credit card info, and all of that, and I'm once again stumped. There is a field that is labeled "NIF/CIF". If I leave it blank, I get an error message reading "El campo 'NIF/CIF' no puede estar vacio" (with an accent mark on the I in "vacio"). I gather that this is saying that the field cannot be left blank. Any idea what they might be wanting there?
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
Another question--will there be any compatibility issues? Years ago, back when the Amiga was dying in the US but still a going concern in the UK, I took advantage of a trip to England I was making anyway, and bought my bodyweight in Amiga games. When I got back to the States I discovered that they were all set up for PAL, and weren't compatible with my NTSC monitor. I later found out that I could have gotten an adaptor of some sort that would have allowed me to use the software, but at the time I didn't know it.

That's one of the more frustrating things that I've done so far in life, by the way. I really, really wanted to play those games. I owned those games. I'd spent hundreds of dollars on those games. I could read the manuals of those games. But I couldn't. make. them. work.

Anyway, the person I've been emailing back and forth with at the software development company says that there won't be any compatibility issues, and I expect he's probably right (he'd know), but I'm just leery enough of the whole situation to doublecheck here.
Posted by BannaOj (Member # 3206) on :
could it be your 3 digit security code from the back of your card? Only thing I can think of, not knowing much written Spanish and all.

Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
That occurred to me, but I'm not sure.
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
What is the field immediately before and after "NIF/CIF"? What is it near? I'm sure we can guess, if we think about it enough. I wish Saudade were here to answer. She's in Brussels now and not getting online very often. However, if I see her on AIM I'll ask her to come here and tell you.
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
Daytime/nighttime phone number? The "F" could be "Fono"? How long is the field?

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Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
The field is relatively small; definitely not long enough for even a single phone number. I'd guess that it's no more than 4 digits long. When I've got a little more time I'll take another look at the form and tell you more exactly (as well as answer your questions about the fields immediately proceeding and following this one. It's kind of off to the side though, I remember that.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
Well, my memory is completely off. It looks like the field will hold 15 characters. It's just to the right of the field asking for my last name. Above the last name field is the first name field, and below it is the address field. I kind of doubt that it's asking for a phone number, though, because a little way down there's a field labeled "Telefono".

Here's the URL for the registration page if you want to take a look:
Posted by Jexxster (Member # 5293) on :
I actually created an account to see what I could do. In that field I simply entered "123" to see if it would accept and it did. But I never did figure out what it was supposed to be. Sorry.

As far as compatibility issues, I can't imagine there being problems. Consoles have region specificity, but AFAIK PCs don't have the same issues.
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
Okay, using google, the font of all knowledge, I found out that it's an identification number, like a Spanish social security number. I found a form for something that had NIF/CIF and then the words "numero identificado" or something like that. I found many examples of them filled out with people's real info, and they usually have a letter, then 8 numbers. Sometimes they put the letter last, after the 8 numbers.

I would put X99999999 and see what happens.

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Posted by Risuena (Member # 2924) on :
Unfortunately, I've never ordered anything from a Spanish language site, so although I speak Spanish, I can't help you very much. The best I can do is guess that NIF/CIF is a number, since I'm assuming the 'n' stands for número and the 'c' stands for código. I haven't a clue what the other two letters stand for.

You mentioned you'd been emailing someone with a couple questions, is that someone located in Spain who might be able to help you figure this out?
Posted by Risuena (Member # 2924) on :
Actually, with what AK found out, I'd be more inclined to put something like "no disponible" - the equivalent of not available/applicable.

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