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Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
I just felt like sharing this...

Since I'm jetlagged from my trip, I've been waking up every morning around 4:00, or 4:15. So, my dog (who shall remain nameless to the dismay of those participating in the dog name game thread [Wink] ) comes into my room and jumps on my bed, choosing that as a more comfortable place to sleep while I surf Hatrack.

This morning, I was typing, when I heard weird noises coming from behind me, so I turned around; my dog was sitting on my bed, her derrière in the air, frantically pushing my blankets off the bed. When that only semi-worked, she flipped onto her side, and threw all four of her paws into the task.

When, finally, she got my blankets off the bed, she let out a huge sigh, lay down on the bare sheets, and fell asleep again.

I just felt like sharing, it was so funny!! [Smile] I love my dog, it was so cute!
Posted by Koga (Member # 5646) on :
that was funny, I can almost picture that happening [ROFL]

What did you expect from a redhead? [Razz]

(for those of you playing along at home who missed the picture in the photo album, Raia and her dog both have red hair, and are both cute)

[Edit: I apparently can't spell dog in just one try]

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Posted by Bob_Scopatz (Member # 1227) on :
Posted by Dan_raven (Member # 3383) on :
[Smile] I know there is a dog sheet joke in here somewhere, but I'm not going to make it.
Posted by Farmgirl (Member # 5567) on :
Several years ago I had a dog - mostly collie -- that would often sleep on my bed. And she had some weird foot fettish. She would "dig" at the covers until they were off my feet, then proceed to lick my feet. (talk about a rude awakening if I was asleep! I am extremely ticklish). I couldn't go anywhere in the house barefoot because she would follow and lick my feet.

Anyway, she was always pulling all the covers off me in the night. Until she was made a "house dog" no longer...

Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Farmgirl, my dog is incredibly intelligent, and she knows she's not supposed to sleep on my bed at night... she can be on there during the day, but when I turn the light off she gets all sad, and then jumps off.

She is also, however, smart enough to figure out that when I go to sleep, she can jump on, and I won't know. [Razz]

<-- VERY heavy sleeper

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