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Posted by Wonko The Sane (Member # 2945) on :
if my video card has a tv-in port(s-video and rca type connector)could i use it say as a web cam if i hooked up a camcorder?
Posted by BYuCnslr (Member # 1857) on :
Likelyhood is, it's actually S-video out, so it sends out, not in, unless you actually have a TV-tuner that comes with the card. What kind is it? Also, it depends upon your camera, if you camera allows you to send a video feed directly to the VCR/TV then you can send it to your computer the same long as you have software for it, that is.

that's a pretty....pretty does have video-in...anyone have recommendations for direct video processing software? :: is also wondering about that for my father ::


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Posted by Julian Delphiki Jr. (Member # 5882) on :
Well, it is very likely that any webcam software would work. If he/she has a video capture card, chances are that it came with software. The install CD probally has some bundeled software.

Posted by Tstorm (Member # 1871) on :
Which camcorder is it? Some of the Sony camcorders can do USB streaming (where you hook the camcorder's USB-out to the computer). If so, the camcorder comes with the software (plus, Windows XP includes it).
Posted by Wonko The Sane (Member # 2945) on :
its this card if that helps
Posted by WheatPuppet (Member # 5142) on :
I would imagine that either the video card's CD would have S-Video-to-webcam software, or you could download it off the vendor's website.

I'm actually really curious to know if ATI's newer cards have a video in. I'm looking at spending a (explitive deleted)-load of money on a brandy-new ATI card as part of my year-long computer upgrade plan and video-in would be icing on the cake. Mmm. Icing.

[edit: the sequel]
Yes, yes they do. For my half-delusional mind at 2:45 in the morning, that's like seeing a radiantly beautiful woma... wait, that's on the other browser window, I mean... never mind. [Wink]

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Posted by Zevlag (Member # 1405) on :
A great piece of software is called WebCAM32. I have used it for years. It is way awesome.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
Here's an interesting video card question:

My computer will boot up when I have a modem and video card installed.

My computer will boot up when I have a modem and ethernet card installed.

My computer refues to boot when I have a modem, ethernet card and video card installed.

By refuses to boot, I mean Windows ME ( [Frown] ) hangs on load.

I've messed around with IRQ's, updated drivers for the video card. . . Not sure what else can be done.
Posted by Zevlag (Member # 1405) on :
Have you tried changing which PCI slots you plug the cards into?
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
Yes-- I've tried putting the video card in all three slots, and interchanging the various components.

My bro-in-law thinks that the on board video driver is messing the configuration up-- going to Setup on boot, and trying to disable the memory allocation for that is unsuccessful, as there is no option to disable it (weird, since in the documentation, it says "To disable memory allocation for the onboard video chip, choose 'disable.')

Hewlett-Crappard strikes again?
Posted by WheatPuppet (Member # 5142) on :
You have a PCI video card?
Most of the time, video cards go into a special AGP slot. Usually PCI ports are most often white and AGP is usually either brown or orange.

If your computer doesn't have an AGP slot and you have a PCI video card, then you probably are running into collisions with the onboard video card. You might want to try updating your BIOS or try downloading different versions (even previous versions) of your video cards' drivers. If all else fails, complain to the motherboard manufacturer.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
It is a PCI video card; and I successfully installed the latest driver (though there are a wealth of previous drivers that I haven't done yet).

Thanks for the advice; I need to update the OS too. . .
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
Scott, assuming you've got an adequate power supply -- which may be a big assumption on a Hewlett-Packard box -- you're most likely getting a conflict with the onboard video. There SHOULD be an option to disable it, but I wouldn't trust a HP farther than I can throw it. Check out the latest BIOS for that motherboard, if nothing else.

Honestly, though, if you're mucking around with PCI video, you probably want to look into getting a new computer anyway and spare yourself some hassles.

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Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
This is what I told my wife. . .

She didn't buy it.

She thinks that I should be writing short-stories, novels, etc, which oddly enough, do not require a video card.

Seriously, Tom-- an old computer is what keeps me honest as a writer.

And we just got a Powerbook, which will keep me MORE honest, because they don't make games for Macs. And the desktop that I game on is downstairs in the cold basement dungeon, where the children hold their bitter, Cthullic rituals.

Posted by Ryan Hart (Member # 5513) on :
Why does Wonko need a webcam? If I see your name on any spam I'm hunting you down.
Posted by WheatPuppet (Member # 5142) on :
Oh pishaw! They make games for Mac... like... um... Warcraft III. And. Um. Warcraft III. Oh! Halo is out for Mac now! :-D
Posted by Wonko The Sane (Member # 2945) on :
YAY webcam32 sees something on my videocard as somthing to use. Now i just have to find/buy the cable i lost/never had.

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