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Posted by Da_Goat (Member # 5529) on :
May I ask why every one of these "want to read my story?" or "please critique my story" topic starters send they're stories instead of just posting them? Is it for privacy reasons (in other words, you don't want just anybody to read it because you think of it as something personal) or does it have to do with a copyright law, or what? I'm just wondering.

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Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
Well, from the point of view of copyright law, the INSTANT you post it on an Internet forum, it's pretty much unpublishable.
Posted by Da_Goat (Member # 5529) on :
But the same thing wouldn't be true if you sent it to four or five people, who could just as easily send it to four or five other people or post it on a messageboard? (I'm just asking, not trying to prove a point. I really don't know jack about copyright laws.)

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Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
Perhaps, actually, if it reached a certain critical mass. Basically, as I understand it, publication on an Internet forum is considered capital-P "publication" by most publishers nowadays, who are therefore reluctant to touch the story thereafter.
Posted by eslaine (Member # 5433) on :
I have held off on posting several things due to copyright worries.

You are all wonderful, but who knows who will be passing through Hatrack at any time?

That and I have a wonderful reviewer--my wife. She pulls no punches!
Posted by scottneb (Member # 676) on :
The whole deal with copyright is that until you file for it, your not protected. It only falls under the classification of Intelectual Property. Which only affords limited protection.
Posted by Da_Goat (Member # 5529) on :
So basically you're saying that if I post something on Hatrack, or email something, it should be something that I don't intend on ever publishing, right? Will somebody who takes my works and tries to publish it be breaking the law, or is the real risk that they won't be?

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Posted by Dan_raven (Member # 3383) on :
E-mailing is fine.

I don't post my stories here because I know the Grammar Nazi's would tear it apart and make me feel like an idiot.
Posted by scottneb (Member # 676) on :
On the first question I would say yes, although don't take that as the absolute truth. My experience is solely with Video and Music copyrights. The written word is a completely different beast.

The second question, it's Intellectual Property and, as I understand it, it's like any other form of property. If a person steals it, it's theft, and the person can be prosecuted. The best way of proving that you had the story first, is to do like you were filing a patent. Print a copy of it, sign and date it and have another person (preferably out of the loop) do the same. That keeps the lawyers out of your pocket.

Posted by Julian Delphiki Jr. (Member # 5882) on :
Sorry, but sone of us just cannot help it. However, if you plan to publish, then why not have it torn apart by the us ravenous wolves?

Posted by Teshi (Member # 5024) on :
In a few weeks I'm going to have a Very Long Story that I will be humbly requesting for readers for. But the point of this post is: Posting it in a thread would be completely ridiculous.

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