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Posted by Dragon (Member # 3670) on :
We had to write a timed essay on Bush's new immigration plan in social studies today and I was suprised I hadn't heard about it here yet. Is the Hatrack News slacking?

Some links to the issue:
Bush takes on illegal workers
Reaction mixed on Bush's immigration plan

Though there is also this:
U.S. Halts Cuban Immigration Talks; Worsening of Ties Seen
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
The first I heard was at work today . . . hmmmm -
Posted by blacwolve (Member # 2972) on :
I agree, I had to find out India and Pakistan were planning peace talks from the news. [Eek!]
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
It was the first thing I woke up to on my clock radio. o_O
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Oh, wait- I had "fluff only" checked in my profile. Dang. Was it Bob who declared fluff only until the holidays were over? When is Chinese New Year this year? Year of the Monkey!

Holy cow! It's before the Superbowl this year. That seems pretty rare. That means fireworks will be legal on the biggest drinking week of the year...

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Posted by aspectre (Member # 2222) on :
You've got a l...o...n...g... wait 'til the end of fluff: Merry Christmas.

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Posted by Dan_raven (Member # 3383) on :
back to the subject:

My wife and I are at odds on this. what makes it difficult is there are few details and the devil will be in the details.

Here are the facts: There are millions of jobs in the US that American workers do not want. They are labor intensive and low pay. To pay American workers enough to make them do the jobs, the costs of the products, mostly food, would go up immensely.

This small amount of money for a hard days work is much more than what is available in other countries, so people come here to do the jobs. They risk their lives crossing deserts to do so.

We can either ignore the importances of this labor force to our economy and waste money trying to stop it, or we can admit we need this labor and try to regulate it so that both the employers and the employees benefit.

I say we help those who are working in the US, and tax them appropriately.

My wife says that it is unfair that people who sneak into this country get to stay semi-legally while people who go through the legal immigration system can not enter this country at all. The three year limit on these work visas is less time than it takes to get a regular work visa to enter this country for the average foriegn worker.

We both agree that the argument, "Our tax dollars are giving priviledges like education and health care to law breakers who stole into our country" is an argument that is mostly pathetic.

The economic value these millions of workers are providing this country far out weigh the economic costs to eductate thier kids and heal thier injuries--especially those injuries that occur in working conditions those who are complaining of would never consider entering in the first place.

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