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Posted by Fooglmog (Member # 6088) on :


Guy with no clue.
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Looks like they were from their war with Iran. The number of weapons, and the small quantity doesn't seem like it'll be hailed as "the smoking gun".
Posted by Julian Delphiki Jr. (Member # 5882) on :
Yeah. It even says that in the article.

Posted by newfoundlogic (Member # 3907) on :
The initial number is small but they also said they think there are quite a bit more buried. Furthermore, if their are hundreds there how many other stashes are there around the country?

Since Saddam Hussein claimed that these were destroyed and they are chemical weapons I would say that this qualifies as a "smoking gun".

Despite this evidence I think and always have though that the main reason why the war was justified were the human rights violations.
Posted by Tristan (Member # 1670) on :
Three dozen mortar shells uncovered in Iraq earlier this month had no chemical agents, the Danish army says.

Another false alarm. This is getting repetitive.
Posted by Destineer (Member # 821) on :

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