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Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
We need to teach it the drums.
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
That was way cool. Sea creatures are fascinating!
Posted by digging_holes (Member # 6237) on :
I'm just not sure how good an underwater drum would sound, though... [Big Grin]
Posted by T_Smith (Member # 3734) on :
I'm sorry, but I've seen too many horror flicks to know that this is just a horrible prelude to running and screaming and dying.

Posted by keedokes (Member # 6301) on :
Heck, why stop with a drum? He could be a whole band!

*puts on puppy face* can I take him home with me? Can I, can I?
Posted by skillery (Member # 6209) on :
Pretty Smart nickname at home.
Posted by PSI Teleport (Member # 5545) on :
I'm thinking that Jenny Gardner's going to want to know about this talented octopus. [Big Grin]
Posted by Farmgirl (Member # 5567) on :
So give it a cryptex.

Posted by Jenny Gardener (Member # 903) on :
Octopuses are actually rather intelligent. Who knows? They may be more intelligent than we are! And they're squishy! I think octopuses are awesome.
Posted by foundling (Member # 6348) on :
When I was a kid, I started a story about the war between the octopus(what the heck is the plural for octopus? octopie?) and the dolphins for world domination. The dolphins were smart and honorable, but the octopus won because they were sneakier and had arms. And thus began a lifelong fascination for the bad guy.
Posted by St. Yogi (Member # 5974) on :
I think it's octopi.
Posted by Xavier (Member # 405) on :
you apparently haven't read Lost Boys have you St. Yogi [Smile] .

Actually both websters and say it can be both.

Edit: (octopuses and octopi I mean)

[ April 03, 2004, 06:07 AM: Message edited by: Xavier ]
Posted by foundling (Member # 6348) on :
I dont know. Octopuses sounds a bit too James Bondy for me to want to say it in public. Besides, octopi has got a dignified ring to it.
Posted by :Locke (Member # 2255) on :
I was always a big fan of oktopodoi. It just sounds cool.

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