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Posted by Alexa (Member # 6285) on :
In about 2 months and 3 weeks we are having our first baby. Of course we are talking about names. We are agreed on what to name it if it is a girl, but if it is a boy, we have narrowed it down to Ethan and Keaton. I personally think we should have the middle name be "Bean."

Can you think of a better nick name? I thank Orson Scott Card for popularizing such a catchy name, but everyone around me thinks it is a joke. grrr [Big Grin]

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Posted by Alexa (Member # 6285) on :
This kinda got lost and was wondering if Bean would torture a kid as a middle name.
Posted by Valentine014 (Member # 5981) on :
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love named their little girl Frances Bean.

I guess because in the sonogram she looked like a "bean".
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
It wouldn't torture the kid, but his classmates would.
Posted by Brinestone (Member # 5755) on :
Middle names are designed to be the sorts of names that are significant to the family or the parents or something without being what the child is actually called. That way, you can give your child the middle name of "Lesterson" and hope she won't be made fun of every day of her life, so long as her first name is something normal like Ashley.

I think Bean would make a fine middle name, and I think the kid might actually like it as he gets older and reads Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow and realizes he's named after a genius.
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I just assumed that the Bean came from Mr. Bean. [Dont Know]
Posted by Ryuko (Member # 5125) on :
If the kid really hates it, he can just not tell anyone what it is...
Posted by Amka (Member # 690) on :
Very few people know what the middle name is unless the child tells them. Nothing but a middle initial is required in school records. here.
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
Ruth, are you confessing something? Is your middle name Lesterson? It's ok, you can tell us.

Posted by Mrs.M (Member # 2943) on :
I would strongly advise against making his middle name Bean. It's fine for a crib name, but that's it. It will come out and other kids will make fun of him. Even when he grows up, it will haunt him - I make fun of my husband's middle name (Lawrence) all the time.

What about your maiden name for a middle name? That's probably what I'm going to do when Andrew and I have kids.

And as long as I'm offering opinions, I vastly prefer Ethan to Keaton.
Posted by Hobbes (Member # 433) on :
Clearly the middle name should be 'Hobbes'. Perhaps with a ': )' at the end too. [Cool]

*Votes for Ethan*, it's just more pleasent to say, I guess I like names that start with a vowel that way.

Hobbes [Smile]
Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
I make fun of my husband's middle name (Lawrence) all the time.
O_o What's wrong with Lawrence?
Posted by Mrs.M (Member # 2943) on :
Nothing if you're Laurence Fishburne or Laurence Olivier. It takes a certain kind of man to pull the name off.

It also doesn't sound great with Andrew or Marx.

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