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Posted by Alexa (Member # 6285) on :
I have to admit, I would not of voted for her , but good for her! Do we need a forum to discuss women's issues? Religious or social? Or is this the dead horse?

That fact that so many people voted for her should open the pagents eyes.
Several anti-globalisation groups backed her cause, leading to criticism that they were trying to hijack the phenomenon.
Voting is hijacking? lol. Wonder if Mormons are going to Hijack American Idol and make short and cute sings so bad the next winner. [ROFL]
Posted by Synesthesia (Member # 4774) on :
She seems utterly cool. Good for her..
Posted by Storm Saxon (Member # 3101) on :
You know what's really interesting? Every woman that I've ever talked to thinks that they are objectified and the world is against them. Fat girls think the world is against them because they are fat. Beautiful women because they're beautiful. Thin women because they're thin. Short women because they're short. Etc.

I have a serious question. Is it *possible* that there is some kind of genetic, biological hookup which makes women miserable with how they look 99% of the time? That even if some kind of magic wand were waved and all fashion models fell into the sun and all billboards and magazine ads disappeared, that women would still bitch about not being loved for who they 'really' are?
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
I'm of the opinion that all a woman needs is a Good Man.
Posted by Storm Saxon (Member # 3101) on :
Posted by tt&t (Member # 5600) on :
Hey Stormy. [Wave]

I don't think I'm objectified & the world is against me. [Smile]

Oh, and I'm of the female persuasion.

Posted by Storm Saxon (Member # 3101) on :

Come on, admit it. You know you're oppressed.
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
Posted by tt&t (Member # 5600) on :
Nope. [Big Grin]

And I won't even disagree with the Good Man or the Discipline. [Razz]

Yeah, I'm in a good mood this morning.

It's 4am.
Posted by Sweet William (Member # 5212) on :
I'm of the opinion that all a woman needs is a Good Man.

Yeah, that'd be a nice change for them [Smile]

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