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Posted by pH (Member # 1350) on :
So here's the deal. I'm going back to Cannes, France January 22-January 27. The problem is, since I'm going for a music business conference, everyone and their mom has already booked up every hotel I can find, including all the Best Westerns in the city.

I'm looking for something decent. By "decent," I mean that it has hot water all the time, electricity, and sheets without stains all over them. I don't want to have a repeat of last year's gross, cold adventure. I'm going to have 1 roommate. We need something that will preferably be under $150 a night...which is what, a hundred Euro? 120? Something like that.

I've checked expedia and travelocity. Right now, we're looking at something from for 155 Euro a night, which would be okay...except that it's a little steep for my parents' liking, especially depending on another person to pay half the bill. They'd rather find something they'd be more comfortable paying for on their own, should the roommate fall through. Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted by Damien (Member # 5611) on : im sorry, any bit of traveling ive done has been house to house, for the most part.... best of luck o you, though! =) and have fuuuuun!

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