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Posted by fugu13 (Member # 2859) on :


I don't know why I even bother commenting on this one.

Simply put, at least a couple of Halliburton employees in Iraq are eviscerating the company's practices. Buying soda at ridiculous prices, washing laundry at the cost to dry clean all of it several times over, and paying people to stand around doing nothing, that sort of thing.

Clearly no-bid was the proper way to handle the situation.
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Things like this makes me wish that government contractors (and not just Halliburton) were audited more closely and when penalties were levied, that they were actually something of a punishment and that the government would stick to it.

People that complain about how high taxes are should be greatly offended that the taxpayers are paying for $45/case soda (and they're not even offering to share with us!!). I'm pretty sure that if the government would crack down on things like this, we could afford some of the tax cuts and not have to cut vital programs and such.
Posted by Synesthesia (Member # 4774) on :
You mean to tell me that rich people, billionaires and such are getting enormous tax cuts meaning that this money is coming out of my pitiful measly paycheck so these people can pay $45 dollars for soda and get paid for doing nothing when really they are supposed to be helping soldiers?
Not only that, but I also heard that they drive around with empty trucks instead of trucks filled with supplies to help our military over there.
This sort of thing makes my blood boil!
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Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
Aaaaaaaaand all those who are surprised raise your hands.

Don't raise them all at once now.
Posted by kwsni (Member # 1831) on :
Cyberdan, how does Canada handle things like this? Do they let companies bid for the job, or pick one and closely monitor them, or what?

Posted by Bob the Lawyer (Member # 3278) on :
Well, first of all, Canada doesn't have that much money [Razz]

Here is where I wish I could paint Canada in a really good light. A really good light. I really wish I could.

But no. Canada has a tradition of slipping money to companies to do jobs without really telling anyone that they've done it. And then nobody seems to know how the money got there in the first place. Witness the sponsorship scandal that just almost cost the liberals the election. It's becoming a huge issue in Canada and rules are currently being put in place as to who can give money to who, what companies can do what, etc. These rules aren't laid into stone yet so I don't think I can really answer your question right now. Maybe in a few months.

Really, the only time Canada's government hasn't been corrupt (or at least less so) is when the house is split in a minority government. Of course, it tends to be unstable and it's usually only a year before another election is called. Mind you, some quintessentially Canadian programs have come out of minority governments (ie: medicare) so when they work, they work really, really well. Anyway, I think I've just hit an unrelated tangent.

Edit: Me fail English? That's unpossible.

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Posted by Alucard... (Member # 4924) on :
Keep in mind that Dick Cheney holds nearly 50% of the controlling interest in Halliburton. The fact that they lie and say there is no problem is what is an outrage. The blatent ripoff for goods and services is an old scam that we have been numb to for at least two decades...

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