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Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
I would like to get some nifty software to clean my registry up. For this delicate task, what programs would you recomend?
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Fdisk. Not much survives a good "cleaning" with that tool... [Wink]
Posted by Jutsa Notha Name (Member # 4485) on :

What do you want to clean out of it? Do you realize that your registry is where things like programs, common functionality, and most of the things you have come to be dependent on when using your computer have settings stored? Having something go in there willy-nilly and begin removing or changing things is not recommended. There are whole books about just the Windows registry hives. Oh, and what you change under one user will not always affect all other users, except in versions before Windows 2000.
Posted by TMedina (Member # 6649) on :
Before you go willy-nilly, I'd recommend taking a snapshot of your registry so you can "undo" changes if needed.


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