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Posted by Jim-Me (Member # 6426) on :

Newly released info about the prison abuse.

they have found 94 identifiable cases. Not good. The article points out that this is much higher than any previous estimate.

But the article, if you read the whole thing, also points out that they released the totaly number of prisoners held over that time frame-- 50,000.

94 abuses is a bad thing... hell even one is.

But less than 1 in 500 hardly seems "systematic", a word which is alleged often in "news" and opinion both.

thoughts, anyone?
Posted by Dagonee (Member # 5818) on :
I don't know, 1 in 500 could be systemic, especially if the 50,000 number includes people picked up, brought in, and released the same day.

Posted by kazwailah (Member # 6711) on :
I don't have enough info to say wether or not it was "systematic" or not. However the word has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with wether it was done methodically and deliberately, which may or may not have been the case.
Posted by Jim-Me (Member # 6426) on :
well... not to say that the government isn't capable of frightful incompetence, but if your system is 0.2% "successful", it leaves a little to be desired.

Had thought about the "catch and release" angle myself...
Posted by Jutsa Notha Name (Member # 4485) on :
94 cases sure as heck isn't "a few individuals." These are also just identifiable cases so far. I await further verified results.

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