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Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
...which is why I'm there right now.

This is sort of one of those sireny thread thingies. Only without eight pages and the need to run a search.
Posted by MaydayDesiax (Member # 5012) on :
Hey, Ralph, where are YOU?

I guess this makes me a loser since I'm the only one here.
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
I'm in parachat.
Posted by tt&t (Member # 5600) on :
Stupid parachat.

Posted by saxon75 (Member # 4589) on :
Woman, I know you're trying to throw people off the trail by only chatting when I'm not around, but we both know the truth about your crush on me, and if you keep it up you're never going to get your saxon fix.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
I think you left and -ed off that last sentence.

[ October 23, 2004, 12:55 PM: Message edited by: pooka ]
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
saxy - It just happened that way. [Frown]

btw - Remember when I was talking about my ren faire outfit and you called me a tease for not posting a pic, or summin? In the Ralphie folder, if'n you care to take a gander.
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
I hope to be around next time you're in Parachat.

Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
I'll be in parachat for a moment or two.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
Ralphie is apparently a naked emperor. Don't you all wish you were in parachat???

Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
I went to my favorite "watering hole" and I've had an "Irish Pirate" and a "Bog Monster." I'm feeling "happy" and "chatty" and "will be in parachat" for "a few moments."
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Promises, promises.
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
You, too, can be a loser.

Parachat: a low-carb food.
Posted by signal (Member # 6828) on :
Hey Ralphie, I was "chatracker". I wouldn't leave you hanging. [Wink]
Posted by saxon75 (Member # 4589) on :
Foiled again.

By the way, Ralph, I do recall that conversation, and I believe this entire thread just proves me right.
Posted by LadyDove (Member # 3000) on :
Hey Mike-
I was there, but reading Squick's thread and not paying attention. You still out there?
Posted by Megachirops (Member # 4325) on :
Sorry I missed the two of you. Or sorry you missed me, as the case may be.
Posted by digging_holes (Member # 6237) on :
I'm there now. All alone, I might add. [No No]
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
hello??? I'm here for another minute or two...*coughDavidgetyourbuttinherecough*
Posted by digging_holes (Member # 6237) on :
[Frown] I'm sorry I missed you! I was off somewhere else.

We have GOT to get ourselves coordinated.
Posted by LadyDove (Member # 3000) on :
I agree.
I just hate it when everyone else is wearing jeans and I show-up in an orange jump suit.
Posted by signal (Member # 6828) on :

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