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Posted by Space Opera (Member # 6504) on :
Had a "wow" type moment today. My older sister came to visit for the first time since our dog Licorice was killed in an accident back in August. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with our new dog Max. When I asked her about it, she teared up and said how much she missed Licorice. My nephew had the exact same reaction when he visited. [Frown]

space opera, who loves Max but still misses Licorice too
Posted by Tater (Member # 7035) on :
I am sorry. I can empathize, though. We lost a dog, gosh..a year ago atleast, and we still have his pictures all over the house. =/
It's safe to say he was the greatest dog of all time.
RIP Boomer [Cry]
Posted by Boris (Member # 6935) on :
If someone figures out a way to let dogs live to be fifty, that will be one rich man (And if he does the same for cats, he'll probably get shot). Yeah. It's always hard when your dog dies...I still miss the Golden Retriever we had when I was little.
Posted by Tater (Member # 7035) on :
He could make money off cats too. I'm a huge cat person.
If someone did that with..rats..HE would get shot. (hopefully)
Posted by Tater (Member # 7035) on :
is this going to turn into a sappy thread about animals lost..
because I came home and found this dead mole in my driveway one time.. and, and.. *sniffle*
I can't talk about it [Cry]

[Roll Eyes] He really was neat. As neat as a dead mole can be, I suppose.

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Posted by Space Opera (Member # 6504) on :
An invention that made dogs live longer would be a wonderful thing indeed. However, I guess I was just surprised that she was so visibly upset over my dog. I thought it was very sweet that she had obviously been that attached to him.

space opera
Posted by WishfulWiggin (Member # 6823) on :
I would enjoy it for any animal...including rats.

I had a pet rat once. A hairless one. She was really cute, really loving, and really smart. But because of the genetic breeding she resulted from, she was also more prone to cancer. She got it twice, the first time I actually paid the vet $350 to remove. But the second time the tumor was to big, and her body couldn't keep that much extra stuff alive. This happened more than a year ago, and I still miss her very much. So yes, I would like it if someone were to figure out a way for her to live longer, as I would for any other animal.

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