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Posted by HRE (Member # 6263) on :
I have recently been putting some hard thought into creating, writing (with the help of others), and distributing a micro-newspaper in my school.

As it stands now, it will probably be one 8.5 x 11 inch page, back and front. The front will have two articles. The first would be light and humorous on a fairly un-important topic (like a football game or such), something just to make people pick it up, laugh, and read. The second would be a less humorous (but still easily read) examination of a topic relevant to the students, like tanning or such. This one will short, simple, and to the point while still being entertaining.

On the pack would be a full-page, in-depth and intelligent article on some major event or such. The first I am considering, for instance, would be an article on Parade's Top Ten Dictators and US relations with each. Another might be on the idiocy of rioting, for example.

As this would not be an official newspaper (there is none at my school or in my county, due to the heavy hand of the school board...ask me about that sometime), my greatest problems lie in printing and distribution.

I figure that I can easily make around 500 copies per week at little cost -- but my school has nigh on 3000 students. This is problem one.

In addition, I will need a method of distribution that is unseen and does not point to me as a writer/editor/distributor/etc. Once again, due to the heavy hand of the school board, criticism is not exactly...favorable. This is problem two.

The third and final problem is much more simple. I need a title. I had considered "The Muted Posthorn" (Pynchon's [u]The Crying of Lot 49[/u]), but it struck me as more than slightly fanboy-ish. Any suggestions on the matter would be welcome.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to criticize, point out unseen problems, laugh, and generally tear me a new one. But, if you would offer some advice while doing so, I would be much obliged.
Posted by quidscribis (Member # 5124) on :
If you want to do it on the ultra-cheap, why not buy a domain with privacy so no one knows it's you, get hosting, and put it up on there? Then you don't have to worry about distribution. Instead, you can hand out flyers with the url on it and the first 100 words of a couple of articles to grab their attention.
Posted by IdemosthenesI (Member # 862) on :
You know, I'll bet a lot of your teachers would be thrilled if you decided to do something like that. As long as it doesn't bear on it the claim of school sanctioning, and you don't turn it into a gossip rag about the teachers and how horrible they are, the school board really shouldn't have a whole lot to say about it. Not to mention, if you don't do it "underground" you can put it on your resume someday.

I know it seems like the administrators are really a stodgy bunch of fogeys sometimes, but keep in mind that they chose educating people as their profession. I'll bet they would really get a kick out of an intelligent student taking initiative, showing creativity and ambition, and taking an interest in current events like this. Don't just assume you would be shot down.

Oh, and in case your fears are realized, remember that there are Supreme Court precedents that say a student doesn't shed his/her constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. You could always invoke the freedom of the press.

As for the name, I would err on the side of too professional. For example, if you want it to be funny, and the name of your school is Lincoln High, it would be delightfully ironic to call it something very pretentious and lofty like "The Lincoln High Star-Tribune" or "The Lincoln Herald," and have the masthead in traditional gothic looking font.
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
HRE- You are the one who started the "It doesn't do anything. That's the beauty of it." thread. We are all in desperate need of the answer...........torment us no longer............please........ [Big Grin]

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