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Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Post them here, I love these. [Smile]

Like, yesterday, my 10-month-old daughter Emma picked up her "baby" and was banging her by the leg, as infants will do. All of a sudden, baby's head hit the edge of the Exersaucer. Emma picked baby up, said, "Na-na na-na" ("na-na" means "nurse"), held baby against her chest, and patted her head. It was so cute and sweet. What have everyone else's kids done lately?
Posted by MEC (Member # 2968) on :
my little sister was very excited yesterday and was running around telling "jokes". Some of the best ones were: "Why did the chicken hop across the road.....because it only had one leg!", "Why were the dog and snowman jumping.....because they were having fun!"
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
My son just played along with the song "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys, and jammed like a pro, "bends" and all.
Posted by Goody Scrivener (Member # 6742) on :
Missy (my 8 year old) is dancing around the living room singing the title song from Jesus Christ Superstar =)
Posted by Fyfe (Member # 937) on :
My baby cousin tried to say "recorder". This doesn't sound as cute as it actually is. He was playing with my voice recorder and saying "Fummm!" (Phone!), and I told him it was a recorder, and he looked perplexed for a minute and then said, "Recrrrrr."

He is also constantly making people carry him to the front door of our house so that he can try to unlock the door by sticking the key in the peep-hole.

Posted by Fusiachi (Member # 7376) on :
Missy (my 8 year old) is dancing around the living room singing the title song from Jesus Christ Superstar =)
Not so long ago I remember doing the same thing. To be 8 for a day...
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
OK, conversation between me and my 5-year-old son just now.

He said he loved me and gave me a kiss and I kissed him back.

He said, "It's disgusting when people kiss on the lips. We almost kissed on the lips."

Said I, "Heh, yeah. The only person I like to kiss on the lips is Daddy."

Says he, "Why?"

Says I, "'Cause we're married." And then after a moment, "And marriage has 'special stuff' in it."

A look of understanding came into his eyes, "Oh, like having kids?"
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Posted by Shigosei (Member # 3831) on :
[Smile] I never get tired of hearing cute stories.
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
*giggle* Beverly, that's so funny!

My psycho choir teacher from high school said that her son, at age 18 months or something, had a little "music station" -- you know, the toys that when you press buttons it plays different songs. The kid stands in the middle, supported by the sides, and presses music buttons to his heart's content.

Well, she came down the stairs one day and found her song waggling his fingers in time to the music... the 18-month-old's version of conducting. She was so excited.

It runs in the family, I guess! [Wink]
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
The twins (age 4) and I are hanging out in the basement today, because my hubby has the flu. I'm letting them play down here so they won't disturb him too much.

They decided that they wanted to "go 'splorin" and decided to go explore the sun.

I told them to make sure that they were careful because the sun was very hot.

Then Abigail looked at Daniel and said "It's okay, we'll go at night."

Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
[ROFL] Belle, that is precious!
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
[ROFL] That's wonderful! Kids' imaginations are so great.
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
My youngest brother told our mom one day that he figured out what makes people "Chinese". He said it was because they looked at the sun too long.

My youngest (20 months old) says "no" to mean "yes". And just in case there is any confusion about what she means, she pauses a moment after saying "no" and nods her head. [Smile]
Posted by Dagonee (Member # 5818) on :
My son just played along with the song "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys, and jammed like a pro, "bends" and all.
Now that's impressive.
Posted by Jim-Me (Member # 6426) on :
I mention on my last landmark that my soon to be three year old has started reading "Going On a Bear Hunt" to random family members. It may not sound very cute, but when you see the enthusiasm and intensity with which he does it, it's quite amusing.

The other night *he* read *me* to sleep with it. (I had a friend watching the kids while I grabbed a nap).
Posted by dread pirate romany (Member # 6869) on :

These are adorable.
Posted by Christy (Member # 4397) on :
Sophie hugged her teddy bear yesterday. She's been increasingly interested in "lovies" especially after Sara gifted her with a small fuzzy elephant that she took interest in. I've been putting it on her head and she pulls it down with a flourish. I was dancing the teddy bear in front of her yesterday, though, and she leaned forward and snuggled it into an embrace.
*warm bubble*
I love my baby. [Smile]
Posted by Dan_raven (Member # 3383) on :
My name has changed, as has my wifes. We are no longer Momma and Poppa. We are My Momma and My Poppa. Sasha's going to a Montessori, and he wants to make sure he's got the right parents.

A couple weeks ago we were shopping with my parents and my nephew and sister-in-law. As most of us were heading toward the van, the nephew said he had to get something and would catch up to us.

This Sasha would not allow. He stood in front of my father, and his powered wheel chair, and said "Stop! We wait for Nick!" My father came to an emergency stop before running Sasha over. Then Sasha calmly reached over and turned the chair off, to make sure we wouldn't keep on moving. How could we move, we were laughing so hard.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
I love Sasha stories. He just gets more precious every day, doesn't he?

Christy, that's so sweet. Emma has started rocking her "baby" and her animals back and forth while she "sings" to them (or if they're musical, while they play) like I do to calm her down. Has Sophie kissed you yet? I will never forget the day that Emma knocked her head against my chin hard, so hard I said, "Ouch!" and tears came to my eyes. She looked up at me, got a worried look on her face, then reached up her face and kissed my chin, giving me an angelic smile afterwards. How could I not be better after that? Kisses are magic, you know. [Smile]
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Sasha's going to a Montessori, and he wants to make sure he's got the right parents.
That is the most adorable thing I've heard in a long time.
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
I was home with Thomas Monday and Tuesday, we were both sick. I was sitting on the floor while he played. He kept coming up behind me and would say 'HUGS!' and put his arms around my neck. [Smile] The rest of the day was spent cuddled up on my lap, or sleeping.
Posted by Christy (Member # 4397) on :
Awww...yaay for cuddles and kisses.

Nope, no kisses here yet, but it is funny the way she head butts into my chest when she needs hugs. Of course, this quickly turns into a slide down my chest when its not just hugs she needs.

[Big Grin]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Oh, yes. Is she asking for them by name yet? (Emma's first meaningful word-- at 4 months!-- was "na na". And that was the vocal word; she'd learned how to sign "milk" by the time she was 2 1/2 months old...)
Posted by solo (Member # 3148) on :
Because of this thread my 2 year old son has been singing Mahna Mahna and my daughter has been singing the doot do do do doo part.
Posted by dread pirate romany (Member # 6869) on :
Andrew was just talking about our neighbors...

"Sasha's my freind"

"Yep, he is your freind"

"Cheryl is Sasha's mommy"

"You're right"

sighs "Cheryl's pretty".

So sweet- I had to tell her. She's 50 so she likes knowing young guys still call her pretty.
Posted by Boon (Member # 4646) on :
Just now, my husband was talking about calling someone. Right then, his cell started ringing.

Husband: "Well, that was dumb."
Me: "What?"
Husband: "Oh, I called myself."
Jennifer: "Well, what did you have to say to yourself?"
Husband: "Nothin'. It was a crank call. I hung up."
Jennifer: "You should call the phone company and report yourself."

Posted by Glenn Arnold (Member # 3192) on :
Mson accused my wife of having "learned helplessness" because she tried and failed to play World of Warcraft.

When they're 18 they aren't as cute.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
Last night, Christopher couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about zombies.
I told him to think about something else.
Didn't work.
I told him to read a book.
Didn't work.
I tried to teach him to meditate (I was desperate).
Didn't work.
I finally yelled at him to Go Upstairs And Lay In Bed And Just DEAL with it. If he came downstairs One More Time he was going to be in Big Trouble.
He came downstairs. *le sigh* He said, "No, no, no, Mom, listen, I have a great idea!" He seemed very happy, so I said, "Alright, babe, what's your great idea?"
(wait for it)
I almost wet myself laughing.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :

Seriously, have you taught him progressive relaxation, or tried guided imagery?
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
Smart kid, jexx.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
I actually have tried guided imagery, but at the time, he was too impatient (all stories MUST have pictures included! he's better now). I should try that again. I used to have a great book on meditation (and witchcraft, hehe, but that's a separate section) and it had a section on meditation for shorties (kids), but I lost it somewhere in my collection. Poo. I'll have to look at it.

Ralphie--yes, yes he is. It causes many troubles. *grin*
Posted by Christy (Member # 4397) on :
Wow, kq!

Nope, she doesn't seem interested in signing for milk (the slide or headbutting my chest seems to work for her) and hasn't vocalized either. I've actually been trying to learn some more interesting signs. We've been signing milk, change, jump (for her bouncer) and play since she was 4 months, but haven't been good with other signs and she hasn't seemed very interested.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Christy, it sounds like she's found something that gets her what she wants. That's communication in my book. [Big Grin]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Oh, and jexx, I was a non-sleeper as a child. Progressive relaxation and self-hypnosis with visualization were the only things that got me down. My dad turned to them as a last resort after 2 1/2 years of very little sleep, and to his surprise, they worked.

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Posted by dread pirate romany (Member # 6869) on :
My husband always tells the kids, "You're smarter than a zombie, and you can out run them". He figures if he can't convince them zonmies don't exist, he should reaasure them they're no real danger.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
Yeah, I learned progressive relaxation in middle school (and meditation) from my aunt, and it really came in handy when I was in a car accident in h.s. (not my fault, seatbelt on, lung collapsed regardless, *le sigh*)

I definitely need to teach him that.

dread pirate romany, I tried telling Christopher that he had superpowers, that zombies didn't exist, that mommy would never let zombies hurt him, etc, etc. Didn't work. [Dont Know] Progressive relaxation. Sounds good.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
You know, it sounds like he's playing for attention and/or staying up with mom to me. If he's really afraid, though, progressive relaxation should do it; I've only had it fail me once, and that was with a kid with ADHD who couldn't concentrate enough to relax.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
I was at a museum earlier today, and happened to be standing next to a little girl--probably about 3--who was peering quizzically into a display case, obviously trying to figure out the significance of the artifacts inside it. Finally she sighed and said "I have *got* to learn to read". It was utterly adorable.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
My brother used to say that! It is very cute. [Big Grin]
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :
kq--it was *totally* a play for attention, heh, but he got himself worked up over it and began to believe his own stories (IMO). He has a vivid imagination (like me), so he has to learn how to stop himself. I just mostly want to help him learn PR and meditation because I have found it extremely helpful in stressful situations.

Noemon, that is almost *too* cute. Almost. *grin*
Posted by mimsies (Member # 7418) on :
Recently My brother and his fiance came to visit, they went to a science museum with her 4 and 7 yr olds, and my 5 yr old son. On the way home they started talking about atoms.

She said "Do you think atoms are the smallest things? What makes up atoms?" She looked at my son and asked "What do you think makes up atoms?"

He said, "Atoms are made of strings."

She smiled because she thought that was cute.

My brother asked my son "Do you mean super strings?"

He sad "Yes super strings are strands made of vibwating enowgy, and dey make atoms. Dey make everything, people and fire trucks (pronounced fie-owe twucks) and ducks and dogs, and cute widdow kitties. Dey even make ...

he stopped talking for a bit and she said "what do they make?"

He continued, "Dey even make Dental floss! (dentow fwoss!)"

Well I think it is funny and cute at least.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
Mimsies, who wouldn't? That's adorable! Welcome to Hatrack, by the way.

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Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Hi mimsies! [Wave]

That's a very intelligent child, you have there. Not to mention adorable!
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
That's adorable!
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
[ROFL] The combination of kid-speak and string theory is absolutely PRECIOUS! [Big Grin]

And welcome to Hatrack, mimsies. [Smile]
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
Super-K says he wants a sticker. This is for him:


He did, in fact, choose the one above.
Posted by Teshi (Member # 5024) on :
When I'm on Hatrack at home and my five-year-old sister comes an climbs on my lap, she also points out the smilies.

She's very prococious in the way that she has picked up from somewhere (Kindergarten, arg) an interest in bodies. Yes. Bodies. [Eek!]

I asked her which smily she liked, and trying to get a reaction out of me, she says, "I like the ones that are mating." (exact wording)

First, my brain goes 'oh no' and secondly it goes, ' what?'

I asked her which one she meant. It turned out to be this one: [Kiss]

"They're not mating," I told her, "they're just kissing one another."

It's cute, but in a worrying way.
Posted by ladyday (Member # 1069) on :
The kid was examining a Susan B. Anthony dollar and asking my husband if that was a seagull on the back.

Husband: No, that's the national bird on the back. You know what the national bird is.

Kid: *pause* I don't remember.

Husband: Now really, you know what it is. What's the national bird?

Kid: *pause* A vulture?

Husband: *thunk*

Kid: Ooooh yeah, it's a bald eagle!
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
KQ, I was thinking of your little one the other day when they did a special on baby signs on the Today Show.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
She said her first two-word "thought-chain almost-sentence" yesterday. I hadn't put away the non-perishables yet, and she kept going over to the bags of groceries and pulling out the baby cookies and hitting the box, indicating that she wanted some. After the third time I took them away and explained that she had already had enough cookies today, and offering her smoothie (which she refused), she looked at me and, very clearly and rather resentfully, said, "Abba cookie." Then she looked at the door. I'm not sure whether she was saying "Abba always lets me have cookies" or "Fine, I'll just wait until Abba gets home and he'll give me a cookie" or "Abba's nicer than you. He gives me cookies", but the intent was clear. Of course, Jeff got home and I told him the story, and what do you think he did?

That's right. He went over, picked her up, smiled when she exclaimed, "Abba!"-- and gave her a cookie. [Roll Eyes]

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Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
Tee hee!

That has got to be frustrating, KQ. But at least it is cute. [Big Grin]
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Yes, it is, beverly. She's just very, very strong-willed, but we kind of figured she would be when she, ah, repeatedly kicked out of the double swaddles the nurses put her in (they accused me of "not doing it right" until she repeatedly and before their eyes undid their own handiwork within seconds of being put down) and removed her ankle bracelet three times and her wrist bracelet four in the two days we were in the hospital. *sigh*

And, hey, it's apparently an 18 to 24 month old task, so at least we know nothing's wrong with her language development. *sigh again*

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Posted by Dan_raven (Member # 3383) on :
Hey sometimes the mommy wins.

Today's exchange. Sasha is tired of everyone always asking how old he is so today...

"How old are you Poppa?"

"I'm 40."

"Oh... How old are you Mommy?"

"I'm 38." He looks confused.

Poppa decides to help. "That's two years younger than Poppa."

Sasha--"Wow. Momma, you are just a girl."
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Awwww! Wow, he knows the way to Momma's heart!
Posted by Mrs.M (Member # 2943) on :
I watch 6-year-old twin boys and they are hilarious.

Twin #1: Look, it's a Pizza Jones car.
Kira: What?
Twin #2: That green car is from Pizza Jones.
Kira [looks at green car with Papa John's sign]: Oh, of course.

Twin #1: Me and Isaac are having a drinking contest.
Kira: Are you going to drink him under the table?
Twin #1: Huh?
[The contest was to see who could finish his drink the fastest.]

Twin #1: When are you going to have kids?
Twin #2: She can't have kids yet, she's just a teenager.
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
My son is afraid of his friend's two yapping dogs. they are in-you-face barkers.

His friend, whom we feel is the next Jim Carey, told Aidan:

"Aidan. Whenever you hear the dogs bark, just pretend they are doing arm-farts."

It worked!
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
KQ, your kids call their dad Abba? I'm just curious... where did they pick that up? "Aba" is dad in Hebrew, and my sister and I call our parents that. But we're Jewish!
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
Thomas's new thing is making various items talk. Or rather, he makes them whisper. It's hilarious! He picked up his stuffed dinosaur the other day and, carefully moving the jaws, whispered 'hi thomas'. [Smile] He does the same thing with his Grandmother's nutcrackers.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Raia, I only have the one, and she chose her own word. See, we were trying to get her to say "Da-da", but she wasn't saying her "d"s yet. So she tried really hard and came out with "Ab-ba". Since we knew it meant "Dad" in several languages, we just went along with it. A week and a half later, she started saying her "d"s, but by that time, "Abba" was firmly established as Jeff's name. And you know, once one kid starts it, it spreads to the whole family, so yeah, he'll probably be Abba forever now.

When we met Rivka, it startled her, too. She did the most hilarious double-take I have ever seen when she heard it. Literally. [ROFL] It was wonderful.

And hey, unless we're living in a community with a high proportion of the population that are Hebrew-speakers or something, it will always be easy for Jeff to tell when he's being paged vs. every other "Dad" out there.
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
Most babies say the same types of first sounds (names)for mother and father, throughout the world.
Posted by mimsies (Member # 7418) on :
[Wave] Thanks for the welcomes. It is good to be here.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Yeah, Elizabeth, rivka, Papa Moose and I had a good discussion when this came up about theories why the "ma" sound is used for mother in most cultures, and there are three basic sounds for father-- "pa", "ba", and "da"-- that are also almost universal.
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
My best friend (Notorious Shira, on Hatrack, though she hasn't been here in about a year) calls my parents Aba and Ima. And I call her mom Ima too (her parents are divorced). It's great. [Smile]
Posted by Christy (Member # 4397) on :
Yes, it is, beverly. She's just very, very strong-willed, but we kind of figured she would be when she, ah, repeatedly kicked out of the double swaddles the nurses put her in (they accused me of "not doing it right" until she repeatedly and before their eyes undid their own handiwork within seconds of being put down) and removed her ankle bracelet three times and her wrist bracelet four in the two days we were in the hospital. *sigh*
kq, I think yours and mine are kindred spirits. Although, I must say that you need a Sara Sasse around. She wraps a mean swaddle, that woman! Even Sophie couldn't easily unswaddle herself from her swaddles. Sophie didn't undo her wrist bracelet, but she did kick off her ankle bracelet twice in the hospital. [Wink]

She's been vocalizing her opinion quite strongly this past week, especially when there is something she wants, or when I take away something -- like the toy nuts and bolts book I bought for her not realizing the pieces were just small enough to be a choking hazard (the girl's got a big mouth, I tell ya!).

I can see the challenges ahead and only hope that I can keep a steady guiding hand.
Posted by jexx (Member # 3450) on :

Mine's the one with the red gloves [Wink]
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Would you mind if I share something funny Liam did recently? He's five and a half and says the funniest things sometimes.

Like when he and his brother and our neighbor girl were playing on the playground at Chick fil A, there was this smaller kid following them, trying to play along. He was maybe three. Robert and the others were going around kind of fast, and Liam was trying to look out for the little guy. He shouted, "Wait for the baby!"

This really annoyed the younger boy. "I'm not a baby!"

Liam looked puzzled, no doubt surprised that he'd upset the little guy while trying to look out for his best interests. Sounding truly shocked and confused, Liam said, "But you're wearing a striped shirt!" That seemed to explain everything. [ROFL]

Now the kid is probably driving his parents batty and will never wear stripes again.

Oh, and while we were packing to go see my family, Ron looked down the stairs and saw Liam straddling the banister. It's a bit wabbly and Ron was upset. "Liam (insert full name here), get down from there right now! I don't ever want to see you doing that again!"

Liam got off the banister and said, " I didn't think you'd see me this time."

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Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
[Laugh] Liam
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
KQ, I've got a couple of strong-willed ones myself. I have never seen a newborn rage like my oldest. He had a specific idea about how things were supposed to be, and if they didn't follow suit, he threw a fit so bad I feared he would hurt himself.

I remember when we were trying to teach him the colors. He thought blue was called red. We would tell him it was blue and he would rage, "Noooooo, it's red!!!!!" And when he had his third birthday, he was deeply offended when anyone told him he was three. "I AM TWOOOO!!!!" To him, it was an unchanging part of his identity.

Last night he did/said something that I found both funny and deeply touching at the same time. You see, he tells us he *never* wants to get married, and we've never really understood why. I was his substitute Sunday School teacher last Sunday and we were talking about prophets. We talked about some of the things that our modern-day-prophet tells us to do, like get married. He stood up, tear running down his cheeks, and said, "I never want to get married!" I said something placating and moved on with the lesson.

Last night I was talking to him about it and asked him about it. I told him that he didn't have to get married now, and not to worry about it because he actually might want to get married when he was older. He broke down in tears again, professing that he would never, never want to get married. I said, "Why not?" He responded, "Because giving birth can hurt really bad and I don't want my wife to hurt like that!" Then he burst into a heap of tears on my lap.


Dude, you just never know what is going to traumatize your kid.
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
When my sister was born, she was born with an insane amount of hair. It was also much longer than average for a baby. When she was a year old, or so, she'd suddenly grab it, and pull as hard as she could... and then start screaming. She didn't make the association between what she was doing and what was hurting her. She had no idea that if she let go, it would stop hurting.

And wrenching her hand away from her head took some doing, I'll tell you... she had quite a grip!! And of course, while she was tormented, she would hang on for dear life.
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
I love Liam stories!


He's such a cool kid.

Daniel and Abigail had an argument this morning about what it meant when the cat was purring.

Daniel: "It means she's happy."

Abigail: "No! Her is talking!"

Daniel: "Cats can't talk, Abigail! She's happy!"

Abigail: "Yes they can talk, when her's purring, her's talking!"

Daniel: "Well, she's talking about being happy."

Daniel the peacemaker, figured that would settle things. But as he walked away, my sweet precious daughter had to have the last word.

Abigail: "But her is talking."
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
Cute! I love the Abigail-grammar.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
That is so cute! And Liam makes me [ROFL] .

This, though, is just sweet:

"Because giving birth can hurt really bad and I don't want my wife to hurt like that!" Then he burst into a heap of tears on my lap.
He's already thinking of his wife's happiness!
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
I know! Sensitive lil' guy.

The funny thing was I then asked him if he wanted me to have another kid--'cause, you know, it hurts, right? And he's like, "But Mom, you're strong enough to handle it. What if my wife isn't?"

What do you say to that?
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
You say that 1) there are medicines that can help make it better, and 2) God gives women the strength to deal with it, and 3) almost all women think it's worth the pain to have a sweet little baby. Then you thank him for saying you're strong.

That's what I'd do, anyway. [Smile]
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
Yeah, he knew about the medication, but he is such a realist. He knows that it doesn't always work or that his wife might not want it. This implies that, in his lil' 5-yr-old brain, if his wife wanted to go natural, he would be royally freaked out.

I did go into a long explaination about how there are many girls in this world who really, really want to have babies. They want to get married and have families. And they want this bad enough that they are willing to go through any pain involved. They know it will hurt, but they want to do it anyway. This seemed to cause him to reflect, and something interrupted us and we didn't talk after that.
Posted by 0range7Penguin (Member # 7337) on :
I have no kids of my own being a senior in highschool and all but I have a sister ten years younger than me and she's currently eight. I can almost see all of you doing the math right now to figure out I'm 18. But she's a diehard gymnast and I went to help at her gymnastics meet where I saw an amazing cute little kid stunt. This kid, about 6, was running full bore down a ramp leading into the building suddenly he tripped and I thought "this is going to be bad." but no the kid turned his fall into a full summersault, flipped up, and kept running without batting an eye. Only at a gymnatics meet. [Big Grin]
Posted by jeniwren (Member # 2002) on :
Oh, beverly, that's a beautiful story! Maybe it's because my oldest is a boy too that it really, really touched me your son would think of his future wife so tenderly.

When I was pre-adolescent, I could not figure out why my mother would have children. She said it hurt. So I just couldn't figure out why she'd want to have me, let alone my younger brother (did it once, sure, but why put yourself through it *again*?). I puzzled over this and finally decided not to have kids because they didn't seem worth the pain. So I grew up, and surprise! You're pregnant, Mrs. Downs. And I discovered that while it does hurt, it is the sweetest kind of pain there is, because at the end, you've been integral to the creation of another person. Right after having my son, I had the strongest sense of pity/sorrow for men who could never have the experience, except vicariously. The old platitude is, I think, true: nothing truly worthwhile comes without some pain.

Does your son like to do anything that requires some real effort and sometimes pain, like sports? Does he ride a bike? I might explain it to my son like: You remember how you fell on your bike a lot when you were first learning? And how that hurt, but you still did it because you wanted to learn and get better at it? In a way, that's kind of like having a baby. It hurts for a little while, but it's well worth the effort. [Smile]
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
jeniwren, that is a good idea if I can relate it to something that he does where he puts up with hard things in order to acheive a goal. Unfortunately, while he is extremely goal oriented, he gets very impatient with things that make that goal difficult. I hope that with time his desire to acheive something will outweigh his discouragement when things get tough.

When I was a child, I was terrified of the pain of giving birth. It hung over me like a dark, menacing cloud. (This from the child who, when realizing that after my school vaccinations I would have to get boosters at 15, let that seriously freak me out. I never wanted to turn 15! Yet I knew I had little choice in the matter.) Especially since I had every intention of getting married and having kids. I couldn't imagine my future without those things.

It wasn't until the end of my first pregnancy that I began understanding that a woman at that point is willing to do almost anything to GET THE BABY OUT!! [Smile]
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Most of the posts have been about things kids have said. This one is not.

Yesterday I drove my parents' van instead of mine. It needs to be driven occasionally while they're away, and so it was my car for the day. I didn't have the kids in the morning. So when I noticed that all the seats in the back were folded down, I figured no problem, I'd deal with that before I picked them up in the afternoon.

That afternoon, I parked at my son's school, and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to open the seats. I managed to figure out how to remove the seats from the vehicle, but could not open them.

Went to get son. Asked him if he knows where the mechanism is. He says no. Oy.

Ok, worst case, he'll sit in the front, and we'll switch cars at home before we go to get the girls.

He got in the back. Less than 10 seconds later, he had the first seat opened.
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Liam wasn't even two yet when he opened a window, popped the little latches that holdthe screen in, and climbed out. [Eek!] All this in the time it took me to transfer browned ground beef from a skillet to a pot of sauce. Oy.

THe window was open a couple of inches atthe bottom, but Ron had closed the wood blinds so he wouldn't notice. HA! Liam is all-seeing! Never , ever count on Liam not noticing something.

Luckily, the window was six inches off the ground, and I noticed his disappearance very quickly.

What can I say? He was my second, and my first had always stayed close to me and played on the kitchen or living room floor while I cooked. Not Liam. Once he was mobile, he was constantly TRYING to get away from me. [Grumble]
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
That's one smart cookie. Our oldest was quite an escape artist as well. We lived in a basement apartment with a large fenced in yard. The gate's self-closing latches were too high for a little toddler to reach--yet again and again he found a way to sneak out. It was embarrassing having neighbors bring him back home before I'd even realized he was missing!
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Oh, yeah. I feel your pain.

The second time Liam tried the window trick (I didn't even know Ron had opened the window-- he'd shut the blinds) someone working on the water line across the street saw him climb out, snatched him and rang my doorbell.

I was putting away the laundry upstairs. I felt like a slug. Just before that my next door neighbor's youngest had squeaked out through the doggie door while she was changing shirts before taking them to dance class. Another neighbor caught her running down the street. [Eek!]

The older Liam gets, the more amazed I become that anyone lives to adulthood.
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
Olivetta, when my sister was about a year old, maybe less, she climbed out of her crib... the kind that it's supposed to be impossible to climb out of. She fell on the ground with a huge THUD.

She was the only person in the entire house who was completely unphased by this. Everyone else was crying. [Razz]
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :
The older Liam gets, the more amazed I become that anyone lives to adulthood.
She was the only person in the entire house who was completely unphased by this. Everyone else was crying. [Razz]
[Laugh] at both ^^
Posted by Stray (Member # 4056) on :
I have no children, but this thread reminded me of something cute I saw in the grocery store a while ago. We were going down an aisle, and there was another cart with a boy of maybe 2 (not sure, I'm not good at guessing kids' ages) in the child seat. It was stopped sideways in the aisle, which left the kid facing the juices while his mom picked out canned vegetables. He looked around in front of him for a few seconds, then said in this really quiet little astonished/overwhelmed voice, "Mommy...juice everywhere!"
Posted by beverly (Member # 6246) on :

I dunno why, but that makes me think of a scene in an episode of "Malcom in the Middle" where the little boy (I don't know names) lifts the couch cushion to see what is under there. The camera then shows us a rosie-fog, glistening image of treats and treasures--supposedly the little boy's impression of what he sees. He grabs some random crumb and pops it in his mouth as though it were a delectable truffle.
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
He looked around in front of him for a few seconds, then said in this really quiet little astonished/overwhelmed voice, "Mommy...juice everywhere!"
Thomas is like that in Home Depot. "! Drivers!"
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
Well, today we pretty much figured Emily has chicken pox.

So, Daniel asks her where she gets chicken pox.

I don't know, she says. I just got it.

Daniel then says "I think it's because you kissed a chicken."

Posted by HesterGray (Member # 7384) on :
I know that episode, Beverly! And he (Dewey) wants a toy he saw on TV. He asks his mom and she says no. But what he hears is, "Ask me again in five seconds." So he does.
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
We were at the park today, and a girl and her mother came by and the kids played together. We hadn't met them before.
Me: So, pal, did you make a new friend today?

Mooselet: No.

Me: You didn't?

Mooselet: No.

Me: Isn't Sydney your friend?

Mooselet: Yep.

Me: So you made a new friend today then.

Mooselet: I didn't make her new. God did, you silly.

Posted by Little_Doctor (Member # 6635) on :
I wish I had read this thread earlier... If anyone is still interested, on my Dad's side of the family, the oldest male becomes Pipo, and oldest female becomes Mima. It's Spanish, and I think they are variations of mother and father. I don't remember exaclty. We're Cuban. [Smile]
Posted by foundling (Member # 6348) on :
My older brother has the cutest, smarted children I have ever seen. The other day, I called their house to talk to my mom. What follows is a trasncript of what happened.

::sound of phone being picked up, fumbled for, caught, fumbled for again, and finally held to mouth, where nothing but heavy breathing ensues from for a couple seconds:

Me: (hesitantly)hello?
nephew: (very perky)It's me, Javan!
Me:Oh, well hello Javan. Is Grandma home?
nephew: No... I'm playing Dora.
Me: You are?
nephew: Yeah. I'm really good.
Me: Thats cool, sweetie. Are you having fun?
Nephew: Yeah. I'm really good. Kate is too(his baby sister), but she wants to play. But I'm better.
Me: Do you know who this is?
nephew: Yeah...
Me: Really? Who?
nephew: Yeah...
Me: It's your auntie.
::He then then proceeds to interupt me, telling me all about his day and how can turn the computer on, and how much he loves his baby sister (who trys to climb up on the chair he's on while we are talking, and who he immediately pushes off, then climbs down and apologizes to and kisses.) and about the plane he saw that he is going to fly. Then his mom comes in the room, asks him who he is talking to him, and he tells her my name (which I never told him, and he has 3 aunties, and has only seen me once, 1 1/2 years ago).::

So stinkin cute.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
[Smile] That's pretty cute.
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
My sister Maya was good friends with our three year old neighbor, in the US... she'd half-babysit her sometimes, or just go over to play. Elizabeth loved it.

One afternoon, I had to ask her mom a question... so I knocked on the door. Elizabeth showed up and peeked through the glass panes on either side of the door... then I saw her run back into the rest of the house, and I heard her yell "Mommy!!! It's Maya's mommy!"
Posted by Mrs.M (Member # 2943) on :
I only had one 6-year-old twin yesterday (other one is still sick) and he was telling me that he learned about Utah in school.

Kira: That's neat. What did you learn about it?
Twin: The people who live there are called Mormons.
Kira: Well, not all of the people who live there are Mormons, but a lot of them are. Do you know what Mormons are?
Twin: Well, they're not Jewish.

Little_Doctor, my cousins and I called our grandmother Meemaw and our grandfather Papi when we were little. We later switched to the oh-so-sophisticated Granny and Pop-Pop.
Posted by Goody Scrivener (Member # 6742) on :
Minor cuteness... LOL

Missy spent last night singing and dancing with Wizard of Oz. Altered lyrics: "we rubadub the lullabye kids" [Razz]

(oh, and PAGE!)

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Olivetta's boys are adorable little munchkins, Robert and Liam(William).

Sunday night after most of the people at Wenchcon had gone home, we went to a Mexican place with a patio. We were the only group there so the kids ran wild, encouraged by Ben and Lyndsie (who scratches, btw).
I introduced myself to the boys as just Morbo, and asked if they remembered me from last year. They didn't, but Robert said, "Morbo, that's a cooool name!"
We stated playing keep-the-ball-away-from-Ben, or-nail-him-with-it with a ball of aluminum foil, then somebody was talking about friends , and I jokingly said "Morbo doesn't have any friends."
Robert looked at me, stricken, and missing a front tooth, and said,"Morbo, don't you want to be fwiends?"
(OK, he didn't lisp--but I totally flashed on those orphan kids that appear on the Simpsons occasionally.)
What could I say? I told him in his case I would make an exception. I was moved. [Smile]
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
Olivia's kids are the best. [Smile] She's a great mom.

I had Daniel in the car alone with me, a rare occurrence. Hard when you're a twin to get alone time with Mommy. Anyway, we were running errands and passed the Healthsouth hospital that is under construction - it's a very modern building, lots of glass and steel.

Daniel says "Mama! Look at that building!"

Me: "I see it. What do you think it is?"

Daniel: "It's the aliens building."

Me: "Aliens? Aliens live there?"

Daniel: "Yes they do."

Me:"Are they good aliens or bad aliens"

Daniel: "All aliens are bad aliens Mama. Aliens are evil - don't you remember that?"

I guess I slept through that lesson. [Big Grin]
Posted by jeniwren (Member # 2002) on :
A couple of nights ago, Rainbow yelled for me from her room a little while after I'd tucked her into bed for the night. When I went in, she wanted me to pray night-night to Jesus. Since I'd already done that 15 minutes earlier, I asked her if *she* would like to do the praying this time.

She folded her hands like she always does, and said in her sweet little lisp, "Dear Jethuth, bleth Mommy and Daddy and Christhian and Lucky.

And bleth thith food. Amen."
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
[Big Grin] When I dropped Thomas off this morning, he said 'Bye Bye! Love you!' without me having said love you first. [Big Grin]
Posted by Goody Scrivener (Member # 6742) on :
Not cute but made me proud nonetheless...

The kids and I went away for an organized stitching retreat this weekend in the Flint, MI area. Missy (the ADHD 8-yr-old) was amazingly wellbehaved and under control. I had several of the ladies there, many of whom had heard some of the medication horror stories from the summer, come up to me and compliment me on how wonderful she was. Considering the organizing shop's owner and I were both hesitant about her ability to survive the weekend, I'm EXTREMELY relieved and proud of her.
Posted by Arthur (Member # 4026) on :
Saturday we took Thomas to his first Circus, he loved it (especailly the elephants) after the show he rode one with his pappa. We were all standing around putting on our jackets and Thomas ran back in line and tried to get on the elephant again!
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
Psst Jen, I already posted about that in MY thread. [Wink] But I didn't link to the Elephant picture.
Posted by Arthur (Member # 4026) on :
I saw it, but I wanted to make my own post - you always post everything [Wink]
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
I just have to share the goodness that is my Thomas.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Emma has discovered that if you move your finger around in your mouth while making noise, the noise changes. We are treated to said noise at entirely unpredictable times. [ROFL]
Posted by zgator (Member # 3833) on :
Kristine gave Ryan some graham crackers for a snack the other day. He always wants some in each hand. After he ate the one in his right hand, he made the sign for more. Kristine told him "You still have some. I can't give you anymore til those are gone." Ryan took his last cracker, set it down on his table and came back and made the sign for more again.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
That so sounds like something Emma would do. [Big Grin] We usually solve that problem by giving her the amount she's going to get, set out in front of her, then putting the box out of sight.
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Every year they have a bike race called Tour de Georgia, and we've taken the boys to see some of the stages each year. It's become a tradition. We like to ride as a family, and the kids get a kick out of the sport.

We usually see one or two of the stages that occur in and around Rome, Georgia, because my in-laws are and we can visit with them afterwards.

This year we visted a bit long for a school night, and the kids were WIRED when we got in the car to go home. Plus, they had those little noise-maker clapping hand things that were, I assure you, much more fun at the races than in a closed, smallish car on the interstate.

Robert (7) had a clapper, but Liam's (5) had long since been put away. Liam was singing songs, which was fine since he has such a sweet voice, but soon it devolved into screetching and sound effects. I told them to keep it down, use their 'inside voices' (a term that really annoys me, even when I use it). Worked for a short while, and then it started again.

I put my hand in the back seat and said, "Hand it over." Robert had been warned. I said I'd take it away, so I did. Liam kept up with the verbal shenanigans, so Ron said, "Mama took Robert's clapper, Liam, but she'll have to rip you lips off to keep you quite."

That sounds horrible, but Ron is always making outrageous claims of beatings and so forth, which the kids usually find quite amusing, for some reason.

But Liam did not find it amusing THIS time. He said, "But without my lips I can't..." and the rest was lost in horrible, broken-hearted wailing. He was over-tired. It totally didn't help that Ron and Robert were both laughing.

I finally got him clamed down with multiple assurances that I would NEVER under ANY circumstances, remove his lips. I petted him and told him I love him and he just needed some rest, etc.

When it was over, I asked him what he was trying to say when he thought he was going to lose his lips. He said, "I didn't want to lose my lips because then I couldn't kiss mama anymore."


I dread the days when they'll pretend they don't know me in public. They both know how sustaining I find their little hugs and kisses. *sigh*
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Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
Posted by Synesthesia (Member # 4774) on :
AW. how cute that is!
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
He's so sweet. Poor baby!

I know it is, Wes does the same thing, he's always joking with them that if they don't behave he's going to "lay the smackdown on them" and jokes and kids. Emily is always the one of mine that will take something literally and get upset.

I don't have anything cute that anyone has said recently, but I do have some pictures from Abigail's dance recital.
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
OMG, she's grown a foot taller since I've seen her! At least! So pretty...
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
Belle, she's beautuful! What was her role?

Funny story...a few nights ago I was reading Andrew a book about prehistoric mammals. When we came to "the largest land carnivore", he exclaimed "I'm that Andrewsarchus! I have big pointy teeth! I eat yummy meat!"
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
romany she was a mouse. In the performance she has mouse ears, but they confiscated them afterwards to keep for picture week. Apparently too many ears have been lost in the past. [Razz]
Posted by Miro (Member # 1178) on :
I've gotta say, this is one of my favorite threads on Hatrack.
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
[ROFL] I understand, Belle! At our "performance info meeting", Livvie's teacher told the girls, "When you get your costume, you get to try it one ONCE for your family, and then your parents will hide it until dress rehearsals".
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Having made ballet costumes and seen how much work goes into even the little, simple ones, I totally understand that. Those are adorable pictures, Belle! [Smile] I can't wait until Ems is old enough for Irish dance. I will, of course, let her choose any kind of dance she wants, or no dance at all, but she starts dancing whenever she hears any kind of Celtic dance music (as well as fiddling in general), and when we caught part of Riverdance on PBS and I allowed her to watch it, she was enthralled, and it just seems to run in the genes, so...

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So, now I have to tell one on Robert. We recently saw the Simpsons where Homer hid inside a fake robot for Robot Wars, because he couldn't really build one for Bart. As the Simpsons go, it was a bit off, but it still showed what Homer was willing to go through to bond with Bart.

Robert REALLY likes the idea of building a robot. He was talking to Ron about it, and it went went something like this:

Robert: Wouldn't it be cool if you really could build robots to fight robots that other people had built?

Dad: People do it all the time! There's even a TV show where people go on and fight their robots.

Robert: 0.0 *runs off to get his sketchbook*

Hours later...

Robert: Mom, Dad, look at the designs I made for robots we can build! And on this page I made a graph, where you can vote for the ones you like best, using tally marks. Your first choice gets three tally marks, second choice two and third choice gets one. Please check your name off at the bottom after you vote.

Mom and Dad: O.O 0.0

So, Dad goes over the designs with him to see which would be most feasable (Super Chicken was the most fanciful, but least practical) and they come up with one last design together.

Then everyone got to vote, even Liam and Uncle Mark. Orbis, the last design that he and Dad worked on together, won.

So, I guess we're building a robot. [Eek!]
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
I have to share this one here...We went to the Toronto Zoo on Sunday and at one point our progress was stopped on a path by a couple of birds. Thomas, all by himself, honked the horn on his little steering wheel and said "scuse me! Birdies, scuse me!" [Smile] So polite.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Olivia, if you want some recommendations on good books on robot-building, my brother-in-law is on the robotics team at his HS, and has been building robots since he was about 8. I could ask him for some resources, I'm sure he has lots. [Big Grin]
Posted by Christy (Member # 4397) on :
Sophie has been waking up about twice a night because of her congestion, usually at 1 and at 4.

I woke up at 1 last night to hear a very sweet baby voice singing herself back to sleep. It melted my heart.
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Aww. I remember those days. *sigh*

kq- Could you email me some links, or something. Ron did a bit of Robotics, but it was a loooong time ago. I think this may be a truly fun summer project for us.
Posted by Wendybird (Member # 84) on :
Brigham comes running in my room
"Mommy am I a person"
"Yes Brig you are a person"
"See Stephen I AM a Person!!!"

Later on we hear
"I am a person"
"But you aren't the person in charge"
"Mommy am I a person"
now we are catching on to his line of thinking....

"Yes Brig but not the person in charge..." Now when we say don't be bossy he says "But I a person" [Razz]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
This morning, Emma was sitting in her high chair, eating her breakfast, and mine was cooking. Jeff asked, "Do you want your present?" I said, "Ooh, I get a present?" Emma, hearing "present" several times, pointed at me and said, "Birthday?" [Big Grin] Her birthday was a month ago, and her party a few weeks ago, and although we had talked to her about what a birthday is and that we give presents on birthdays, I didn't know she'd picked it up!
Posted by TMedina (Member # 6649) on :
Speaking of which, aren't we supposed to have some photos of a chocolate coated, cherub-faced little girl? [Big Grin]

Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Yeah. They're still on the camera. [Blushing]
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
I was registering the twins for kindergarten, and I asked the principal if they split up twins. He said yes, and I said good - I wanted them split. He said usually parents were arguing to keep them together.

I said no, Abigail is too domineering, she answers all the questions posed to Daniel and he'd never learn anything with her in the room. Then Abigail pipes up "But I only answer them because he gets them wrong!"


The principal was amused.
Posted by Wendybird (Member # 84) on :
We were asking the kids if they knew who they are and why they are here.

Brig of course answers with his full name plus the attachments of Pan and Jack Jack then when we ask him why he is here he says

"Because you earned me at the store"

If only it were that easy [Big Grin]
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
I got my little sisters into Bollywood. We started withLagaan, and the 10-year-old decided she has a crush on Bhuvan. They watch it, with the subtitles, and then quote it in Hindi to each other.

Yesterday, we turned on the soundtrack for some nice background music, and next thing I knew, the two girls and their 6-year-old brother were all dancing the exact choreography from the song "Mitwa." It's cute, you see, when little kids dance, but it's even cuter when little kids, of their own accord, learn all the steps in Indian musicals.
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
Annie, my step-father-in-law is from India, and brought back some of those little bell anklets and bracelets. I don't know if you can find them here, but they are beautiful, and make an amazing sound when danced with.
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
Ooooh. Neat!
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
Emily my 7 year old started gymnastics in September, in the Beginner class. In February she got moved up to the Intermediate class, which was very exciting for her to move up so fast in her first year. I was warned by other moms that the leap from Intermediate to Advanced was a tougher one that the one from Beginner to Intermediate and that it would take much longer. One girl in our class was already on her 2nd year of Intermediate.

Well, this week Emily was moved up to Advanced! In less than a year from starting. And, she is the youngest girl in the advanced class, all the others are 8, 9, or 11.

The next level after this is competition team, which starts on level 3. The coaches told me there was a slim chance Emily could advance quickly enough to qualify for the team this fall, however, since they have to order uniforms in June most likely she'll spend the year in Advanced and go to the competition team when the following year. But, if she progresses past level 3, which is expected, she'll start competing at level 4 or 5.

She is excited, and I'm happy for her, it's just evidence of her hard work and dedication (not to mention some natural born athletic ability) She enjoys it so much, and is having tons of fun, and I'm very proud of her. [Smile]
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
Annie, my step-father-in-law is from India, and brought back some of those little bell anklets and bracelets. I don't know if you can find them here, but they are beautiful, and make an amazing sound when danced with.
Cost Plus! Brian got me some there a few years ago.

Andrew, with unfailing toddler grammar, has decided that the singular form of cheese is "chee". For example, a pile of grated cheese is cheese, but one strand of it is chee.
Posted by Primal Curve (Member # 3587) on :
I sang Willie Nelson's Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain to my daughter last night. She grinned ear to ear through the whole thing and made singingish noises during the high parts. It was super adoriable.
Posted by TheTick (Member # 2883) on :
PC, wait until the wee one decides she likes a song well enough to ask for it. [Smile] Thomas asks for 'twinkle star' and will sing the first two lines. [Big Grin]
Posted by theresa51282 (Member # 8037) on :
I was in the bathroom at the grocery store the other day and in the stall next to me was a mom and her daughter. I found their conversation hilarious

Little girl: Mommy why I on the toilet?
Mom: So you can go potty?
Little girl: but why ON the toilet?
Mom: I told you so you can go potty
Little girl: But why can't I sit in the middle?
Mom: pauses, well you might fall in
Little girl: oh... few seconds later... but why
Mom: Do you want to fall in the toilet
Little girl: it'd be like a pool party
The logic of three year olds [Smile]
Posted by whiskysunrise (Member # 6819) on :
My 2 year old will sit on my lap when I'm at the computer and put her head right in frot of mine so I can't see the screen. Then she puts her arms around my neck to give me a kiss. But it's mostly so she can be in the way, but in such a way that you can't get after her. I mean she is giving me kisses. How can you get after her for that? She is being really giggley when she does it so she does know that she is getting in the way. [Kiss]

She tries to count like this "1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2,..."
Posted by Annie (Member # 295) on :
I've got two stories for you. They involve the following characters: Hagan (6), Emarie (8) and Bonnie (10)

Hagan: My foot's asleep.
Me: Uh oh. Wake it up!
Hagan: Howcome they call it being asleep when it feels like that?
Me: I don't know. Maybe because it's numb.
Hagan: (silent pause) I know why.
Me: Why?
Hagan: Because it feels like someone's snoring in there!


Hagan: I watched a movie at Riley's house about Arnold Swarsaneger.
Bonnie: About who?
Hagan: Arnold Swarsaneger. He's a movie star.
Bonnie: He is not. You dummy - he's a president.
Emarie: Nu-uh. The President is George Bush.
Bonnie: Well, he used to be president. Or he's dead.
Hagan: He is not dead! He's a movie star!
Bonnie: He's the president!
Emarie: He is not! Papa told me he's the king of California.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Okay, I don't know if you all will think this is cute, but we thought it was adorable.

The other day, Emma had had her last drinkable yogurt (which she loves) that morning at breakfast. The empty container was sitting on the counter to remind us that we needed more.

Emma calls from the kitchen: "Mama! Mama! Here!"
I walk in.
Me: "Yes, Emsie?"
Emma (holding arms up and pointing): "Go dere now!"
I pick Emma up.
Emma (pointing to counter): "Dere!"
I walk with her to counter.
Emma (pointing at yogurt): "Want dat!"
Me: "We're all out of yogurt, sweetie."
Emma: "Want yogur!"
Me: "We don't have any. We can call Abba and he can get some for you, okay?"
Emma thinks.
Emma: "Abba geh?"
Me: "Okay. We'll call Abba, and he'll get some."
Emma (pointing to phone): "Abba!"

I call Jeff. He agrees to pick some up.
Me: "Okay, Emma. Abba will bring you some yogurt when he comes home."

Emma spends the next half hour playing, but periodically crawls or cruises over to check the window and see if Abba is coming. When he gets home and she hears the key turn in the lock, she makes a beeline for the door.

Jeff walks in.
Emma: "Abba! Yogur!"

[Big Grin] Hey, at least she's using words to ask what she wants, right? It could be worse; she could know what she wants and not be able to make us understand.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
*laugh* That little girl has you both wrapped so tight around her finger!
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :

I think next we should work on "please".
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Good plan. [Smile]

Besides, it's so cute when little tongues can't quite say it and it comes out "pwease" or "peas." [Big Grin]
Posted by Olivetta (Member # 6456) on :
Liam Graduated from preschool last night. Little paper graduate hats, Pomp and Circumstance and everything. *sigh*
Posted by Goody Scrivener (Member # 6742) on :
Heather (11) had her spring choral concert last night. Turns out that the 8th graders had done prep concerts at the grade schools in the last month, so Missy (8) was sitting in the audience with me singing along to the Motown songs that the 8th graders were performing. I of course didn't know about the prep concerts until they were about to perform their last song, so I had no idea how Missy knew these songs as well as she did on her first hearing...
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Emma has discovered her belly button. Our latest game is to point at her belly button and say "Belly button! Belly button!" at which point she cracks up.

So I was lying on the bed after nursing her, and she pulled up my shirt, stuck a finger in my belly button (which amuses her no end, because while she is an "outie", we are both "innies"), and said, loud and clear, "Belly buddon!" [Big Grin]
Posted by Desdemona (Member # 7100) on :
Not my kid, but I babysit her enough...

Well, the girl next door is turning 5 tomorrow.

I saw her outside today and asked her what she wanted for her birthday. I was expecting the typical Barbie Doll or computer game response, but what I got was completly different.

She said, "I don't want gifts. Instead, I'm asking evryone to give me money so I can give it to poor kids in Africa."

Posted by Sopwith (Member # 4640) on :
Over the last two days while she has been at home with a bad cold, my daughter, Valorie, has started singing. Okay, so she's only three months old this Sunday, but sing she does.

We laid on the bed yesterday for an hour singing. I'm just glad that she isn't old enough to know how poor my voice is and how much I mangle the words. But her voice, ahhhh... I just turn to Jell-O. She even does a little Tarzan yell that I laugh about every time I think of it.

Now to record it... hehehe. [ROFL]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Oh, I love baby singing. [Smile] Emma does it to go to sleep, especially in the car. She also sings along with her favorite songs and likes to dance. She kicked in time in the womb...
Posted by whiskysunrise (Member # 6819) on :
My 2 year old will take my had and place it on her sholder and hold the other one in her had and say "dance." Then she starts to rock back and forth. It's really sweet. So far she has done it in a sporting goods store, at home and at grandma's house.
Posted by whiskysunrise (Member # 6819) on :
"We are puppy," my 3 year old told me yesterday then she craweled around on the floor panting. My 1 year old had to follow her doing the same thing. They let their tongues hang out. My one year old had slobber dripping of her chin. It was very funny.

It made me thing of the Borg.
Posted by opiejudy (Member # 9301) on :
the video for "skin" by Rascal Flatts was on and my 8 year old said she wanted to be a singer so she could sings liek that that make a difference. It was so sweet.
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
Sopwith, you HAVE to record it!

A few days ago Andrew (3 1/2) was telling me one of his Baby Godzilla stories and said, "...and then, somebody pressed Minilla's grow up button and he grew up." I said that someone had pressed his ( Andrew's) gorw up button too and he replied, "Yeah, but that was when I was a robot."

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