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Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
I saw it today at my Borders and the guy said it came out 2/22.

Did everyone else know about this but me? Have you all already read and discussed it without me?

(BTW, I did pick it up to read the acknowledgements and they made me smile.)

I can't wait to read it!! [Big Grin]
Posted by HollowEarth (Member # 2586) on :
What's SOTG stand for?
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
OSC's new book: Shadow of the Giant. The first three chapters are posted on the hatrack home page.
Posted by Beren One Hand (Member # 3403) on :

Wow you're right. I just checked online and it is in stock at my local Borders store.

Now he and his wife Petra yearn for a safe place to build a family -- something he has never known -- but there is nowhere on Earth that does not harbor his enemies -- old enemies from the days in Ender's Jeesh, new enemies from the wars on Earth. To find security, Bean and Petra must once again follow in Ender's footsteps. They must leave Earth behind, in the control of the Hegemon, and look to the stars.
Thanks for the reminder Narn.
Posted by Da_Goat (Member # 5529) on :
Ack! But every bit of money in tomorrow's paycheck is already reserved, and my library sucks! That means I'll have to wait, like, two weeks! [Frown]
Posted by Anna (Member # 2582) on :
With the house and everything, I don't think I'll have enough money for it before April at best... Arrrgh !
Posted by Choobak (Member # 7083) on :
Courage, Anna. I can't already buy it too. It's not a cash question, but i have to read a lot of books before (1 book by Lao Tseu, 2 books by Isaac Asimov, the 4 first tomes of Lemony Snicket's a series of unfortunate events, Psychologie de la bataille
by Anatoli Karpov, Jean-François Phelizon,...)

And currently, i am finishing a book by Serge Brussolo, so I want take my time to enjoy all of this.

But what hapened to Been and Petra and their child... I can't wait too long. [Big Grin]
Posted by NinjaBirdman (Member # 7114) on :
I just finished. Fantastic! Probably my favorite in the shadow series. Great great stuff. This is, of course, my initial reaction and is subject to change when I have more time to go over the book in my mind.

Now I don't know what to read. I had been reading the Worthing Saga for the first time before I picked up SOTG the other day, but after reading SOTG, I want to go back and reread SFTD, Xenocide, and COTM.

For now though, I think I'll go to bed cause SOTG just blew my mind with it's greatness. [Smile] [Cool]
Posted by Anna (Member # 2582) on :
I just finished the Tawny Man series from Robin Hobb. Not as good as the Liveship Traders series (side note : by all means, read the Liveship series before the Tawny man series... There is so much spoilers the story would lose most of its interest !) but still enjoyable. They were my late-Christmas present from BIL and SIL. Now I still have the first two books of Magician, from Feist, but I would have read SOTG before if I had been able to... Too bad it wasn't out for Christmas !
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
I have no money! [Cry] I'll have to wait! [Cry] I don't want to wait! [Cry]
Posted by urbanX (Member # 1450) on :
It was GREAT. I loved it. Surpased all expectations. [Hail]
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
Anna, I disagree...I liked the Tawny Man a lot better than the Liveship books, althouhg they were both good series.

I just read COTM for the first time. I finished last night.
Posted by zgator (Member # 3833) on :
I just started the Tawny Man series.

Kwea, are you really saying you had never read COTM, as in Children of the Mind?
Posted by MidnightBlue (Member # 6146) on :
I'm debating whether I should get SOTG now, or wait and try to convince my parents to let me go to the booksigning. What to do, what to do...
Posted by Simonz (Member # 7298) on :
Yes indead, it was a fabulous read. Finished it at 1:30 this morning, so now I get to be worthless all day today at work. darn. =)
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
Wow! Just called the book store and they have it. Dang….. I can’t believe it. I’m going before someone calls and says the 8th is the publication date and pulls it!
Posted by twinky (Member # 693) on :
If I didn't particularly enjoy SotH, what are the chances that I'll enjoy the next two?
Posted by James Tiberius Kirk (Member # 2832) on :

Yay for snow days. I might be able to convince my dad to take me to get it...

Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
<-- Is very excited!
Posted by Teshi (Member # 5024) on :
Now he and his wife Petra yearn for a safe place to build a family -- something he has never known -- but there is nowhere on Earth that does not harbor his enemies --
After reading this I thought: "They're going to Antarctica!"

I can't afford hardbacks (except for Harry Potter- yes I know, blasphemous) but perhaps I can find a library that has it!
Posted by prolixshore (Member # 4496) on :
I too enjoyed the Tawny Man more than the Liveship Traders, but both were good. I rarely buy hardcover books, and I don't think this will be the time I start. But I am anxiously awaiting a review of this book by a hatracker that I know and can trust their opinion. Kwea or somebody go read it and tell me how it is.

Posted by IanO (Member # 186) on :
My bookstore says it won't be out till March. And Waldenbooks says they don't have it but will order it for me- so 7-10 days.

grrr [Mad]
Posted by hansenj (Member # 4034) on :
No way! This is just what I need. (Both literally and sarcastically...I could really use a good read right now, but I have a million assignments to do this weekend.) I can't believe it's already out! I'll have to go check the bookstore today! [Big Grin]
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
Went to Waldenbooks at lunch. It was still in the back back they got them out for me.
Cool! How will I not leave work early.....
Posted by kacard (Member # 200) on :
It's actually not supposed to be out [Smile] The publisher makes a "laydown date" agreement with bookstores where they promise not to put it out for sale until that date, even though they have the shipment. This is the way bestsellers happen, so that the first rush of sales happen in the same week. So, when they sell books early, before the agreed upon date, they really aren't helping the author. Oh well [Smile] So, you'll probably find that most stores are keeping their agremeent and won't have it on the shelves until March 8th. Just trying to save some people a trip to the store. Anyway, glad you liked it!

[ February 25, 2005, 01:17 PM: Message edited by: kacard ]
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
I asked them about that at Waldens and she looked it up and couldn’t find a laydown date. She was looking it up after I had it in my hand though and I told her if she wasn’t going to let me buy it I was going to run with it!
Posted by Farmgirl (Member # 5567) on :
Well, don't tell them to withhold it! This is a Friday -- that means I might actually have time to READ it since it is coming out just before a weekend!

Hoping my bookstores have it after I get off work.

Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
Kristine -- how does people buying it early hurt the author? Do those purchases not get counted somehow?
Posted by Farmgirl (Member # 5567) on :
Because they won't get all counted in the same "opening week" to make it a bestseller for that week

It spreads out the sales
Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
Duh. I should have known that. [Wall Bash]
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
So all of us that buy one now will need to buy antoher on the week of the 8th
Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
I'll just go read it in the store this week, and then buy it the week of the 8th. [Evil]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
That's what I'm going to do. [Smile] If they have it, that is. I won't be disappointed if they don't, I'm going to the mall this afternoon anyway.
Posted by kacard (Member # 200) on :
Hey, we're just happy if people read them [Smile]
Posted by Uhleeuh (Member # 6803) on :
I can't buy my copy for 2.5 weeks at the earliest. [Grumble] Then again, I may not have to buy it at all. My mom knows I've been waiting for it and might get it for my birthday. [Big Grin]
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
But I want OSC on the NY Times Bestseller list!
That way I can brag to all my friends. OSC will feel all happy and want to write more. Win win for everyone.
Posted by hansenj (Member # 4034) on :
oops! Now I feel bad for buying one....but not that bad. [Wink]

*Runs off to read*
Posted by urbanX (Member # 1450) on :
I feel slightly bad for buying the book early.
Posted by theamazeeaz (Member # 6970) on :
Ooh, I don't know what to do either. I DO want to read the book, but I also want to go to the booksigning in two weeks. I don't mean to hijack this thread too much, but I'm curious: If I buy the book now, can I take it to the signing at another store?
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
Why do I have to live someplace where there isn't a bookstore? Or not for at least 70 miles. Curse the rural life. [Cry]

[ February 25, 2005, 04:15 PM: Message edited by: SteveRogers ]
Posted by kacard (Member # 200) on :
Absolutely you can buy the book and take it to a signing at another store. No problem. Every now and then a store will have a silly policy about only books bought at that store can be signed. But Scott is famous for refusing to abide by those policies [Smile] In fact, one memorable day he took the entire line outside and signed in the snow until the store relented [Smile] So, no problem.
Posted by plaid (Member # 2393) on :
For folks who bought the book early: maybe you could return the book on March 8th, then buy it back...
Posted by Choobak (Member # 7083) on :
Could i hope Mr Card will come here, in Paris, for the french publication of his new book ? [Smile]
I'd like to meet him and thank him for the pleasure i had by reading his books.
Posted by jeniwren (Member # 2002) on :
Kristine, if we get Geoff and Heather to agree to have children very soon, will you and OSC come out to the West Coast (especially Seattle) for the book tour? Or future book tours?

Posted by ElJay (Member # 6358) on :
In fact, one memorable day he took the entire line outside and signed in the snow until the store relented
This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. [Smile]
Posted by Stray (Member # 4056) on :
I'm sorry...I'm weak [Cry] I went into Barnes & Noble to talk to a friend who works there, and saw that they had it out for sale, but decided to do something at least marginally decent and buy it from the local independent bookseller instead. So I went there next, hoping hoping hoping that they would have it too, and fortunately they did. If they hadn't had it yet, I probably wouldn't have had the moral strength to wait, and I not only would have bought it early, but would have bought it from a big chain instead of an independent place. So I did something a little bit right, at least.

Now I'm actually a little bit glad that my husband is out of town for the distractions while I devour it [Evil]
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
Sorry…. Can’t read your post now, busy reading.
I’ll have something fun to do during the commercials during tonight’s sci-fi Friday!
Posted by aspectre (Member # 2222) on :
No, it ain't.
Any recreational book that can't be read one-handed comfortably while soaking in the tub is a book that ain't been released yet.
When the paperbacks start selling, then SotG will be out.

[ February 25, 2005, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: aspectre ]
Posted by urbanX (Member # 1450) on :
The book signing in Philly is at the main library branch. I somehow think it would be frowned upon to check out a book and have OSC sign it. Then again you never know. I might just try it out.
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
I'll probably have to wait until it comes out in paperback............when will that happen????
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Paperbacks are most often released about a year after the hardcover, I think.
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
So if I wait to buy it in paperback I have to wait a year? That sucks! [Cry] I can't wait that long! I'll probably just borrow some money from parents to buy it with...........and then I'll need to mow lawns to pay them back...........its a win/lose situation..........
Posted by Megan (Member # 5290) on :
I just saw it in our B&N; I admit to doing a happy little jig at the acknowledgements. [Big Grin]
Posted by urbanX (Member # 1450) on :
Don't you have a library in your town Steve?
Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
I just saw it in our B&N; I admit to doing a happy little jig at the acknowledgements. [Big Grin]
Same here. I almost went up to a total stranger in Borders to show them my name in the acknowledgements.
Posted by Ryuko (Member # 5125) on :
I'd be sure to buy it if I was in the acknowledgements. [Smile] I haven't bought any of the other Bean books yet, though, so I'll probably end up passing on this one too.
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
I'm mentioned too! I haven't actually held a copy of the book yet, but someone was nice enough to copy the paragraph and send it to me.

[ February 25, 2005, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: neo-dragon ]
Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
Yes, I saw your name there, right next to mine. [Big Grin]
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Um, I don't think you know my name... [Confused]
But regardless, it's there!
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
It's only $17.13 on Amazon
Amazon SOTG link
Posted by blacwolve (Member # 2972) on :
I went to Borders today and it was out. So I told the lady it wasn't supposed to be out until the eigth. [Monkeys]

She was just like, "Yea, I'll go, um, look into that." It made me laugh.

You have no idea what a glow it gives me to know exactly that bookstore Stray bought her copy from and exactly where Megan saw it. It gave me a little bouncy feeling.

Yes, I'm bored, how did you guess?
Posted by Little_Doctor (Member # 6635) on :
[oh poo] This always happens. My entire collection of OSC books are paperback. Now that My reading has caught up to his writing, I will have to buy a hardcover.[/oh poo]
Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
neo-dragon -- I know your name now, because it was you and I (I'm mr_porteiro_head) that got credit for finding that inconsistency with Ender's Game.
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Oh, I see. I didn't know that you had multiple screen names... High-five for having our names in print!
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Our Barnes & Noble is being good and keeping it in the back. I asked for it and they went and got me one, but then I told them it wasn't supposed to be out yet, and said I would be virtuous and wait to buy one, and that they should tell their salespeople not to get books just because someone asked for it. [Razz]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Oh, and while I was looking, I got into a conversation with another Card fan, helped her figure out where in the Shadow series she had stopped, and convinced her to get Shadow Puppets and read it this weekend so she can buy Shadow of the Giant and read it when it comes out on Tue. [Big Grin]
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
Same here. I almost went up to a total stranger in Borders to show them my name in the acknowledgements.
*cough* Yeah. *whistles* I um, yeah. I sure didn't do that. *cough*

[Big Grin]
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
Don't you have a library in your town Steve?
I do, but the librarian, despite my complaints, has no OSC books in stock.
Posted by theamazeeaz (Member # 6970) on :
Okay, maybe this isn't the BEST place to post this, but I do know of a great way to get hardcovers for cheap. Typically with big name authors, not all of their hardcovers are sold. In stores like Waldenbooks, the put their hardcovers on discount right around the time the paperback comes out. Often times the hardcovers sell for less than the paperbacks. Good timing got me the whole Shadow series in hardcover less than $5 each. Read it through the library now. Needless to say, I'm paying full price for this one. Of course, I didn't discoer the shadow series until after shadow puppets was out.
Posted by Jay (Member # 5786) on :
Ok, I guess this is going to be insensitive, but it’s not that expensive! I know I know. There are budgets and some are tighter then others, but from the talk it seems like it’s a luxury item. It’s cheaper then 2 CD’s. It’s cheaper then a dinner and a movie date. So you’re in high school and only get a $5 a week allowance. You knew it was coming out months ago, save a buck a week. You’ll have it before you know it.
So… “Magic Street” comes out in June. Start saving now. A buck a week and your OSC pot will be ready for publication date!
Not trying to stir any pots here. Just trying to say it’s not that bad. Cool? Happy saving for Magic Street too!
Posted by Heffaji (Member # 3669) on :
I have the cash, but I can't simply justify spending the money for a hardcover. I have no problem waiting for a paperback to appear in order to spend a more reasonable price. Plus, unless I'm desperate to find out the conclusion to a story, I'd never buy a hardcover to begin with. Far too bulky to carry around and read in public
Posted by Ryan Hart (Member # 5513) on :
If I were to get on my knees and beg would OSC come to Charlotte? We're in the same state, it's the most populous city, but he isn't coming on this tour. Why?
Posted by Brian J. Hill (Member # 5346) on :
Ryan, quit whining! You can hop in the car and be in Greensboro in like, less than two hours. In fact, you may actually see me at the Greensboro signing, since I also live about 2 hrs. away.
Posted by plaid (Member # 2393) on :
Kristine -- how do sales to libraries sales count towards sales figures? My library says they ordered SOTG on January 19th... well, I don't know how library ordering works, maybe they won't actually PAY for the books until they're received ~March 8th... anyway, will the library's sales show up in the figures for the week of March 8th, even if the books were to arrive before March 8th?

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