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Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
Adobe just anounced its agreement to buy Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars!


I am still waiting for the anti-trust guys to come in. Although I am not sure if they will because it isn't like these two companies REALLY competed because they both had such a huge market share of their own niche (Macromedia had dreamweaver and flash for the web while Adobe has Photoshop and Illustrator for print).

Then again, this would be akin to microsoft buying out apple... where is the need to innovate, or a need to keep prices low?

I bought the macromedia suite of products for what it costs people to buy a single copy of photoshop =P

So we will see what will happen.
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
Yeah, I really really don't like this. Adobe has enough market control as it IS and they're expensive ENOUGH.
Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
Hmm...Macromedia has an office here in Dallas. I wonder if they are hiring...
Posted by Kasie H (Member # 2120) on :

What will happen to Fireworks?? Or Dreamweaver, for that matter??

I *love* my Macromedia suite, I'll be so sad if it goes away...
Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
I imagine it will go something like this

Adobe Golive -> Adobe Dreamweaver CS
Macromeadia Fireworks -> Adobe Imageready
Macromedia Freehand -> Adobe Illustrator
Adobe LiveMotion(which is defunct anyway) -> Adobe Flash CS

Just speculation though.
Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
Hey Kat, what do you do for a living? And do you need a job in Dallas?
Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
I'm a technical writer and sometime web designer. I have a job right now, but it's spring, and I'm restless, and I was just thinking. [Smile]
Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
Alright. =) I was just wondering because I too am in Dallas, and I work for a web design/web applications company, and we have been hiring lately [Big Grin] .

If you are interested, let me know and I will give you some more of the details of where / who you can send a resume to and all that [Wink] .
Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
Cool - e-mail sent. [Smile]
Posted by Zeugma (Member # 6636) on :
Personally, I'm glad, because I've always been interested in Flash, but Macromedia's stuff bugs the heck out of me. I've never been able to make peace with Dreamweaver, and the few times I have tried Flash, I've been underwhelmed.

Here's to changes for the better! [Hat]
Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
Dreamweaver isn't so bad, but I know HTML and I rarely if ever use it as a WYSIWYG editor. I mostly use it for its code completion and its FTP functionality (which is still lacking).

Flash does have a fairly steep learning curve if you aren't used to timelines. Once you get that part down, as well as the way their library and movie clips and such function, then it isn't so bad.

I am still not very concerned with adobe not wanting to inovate after this merge since they have always tried to move forward with their products, but I am concerned on what this means for the price of the software.
Posted by advice for robots (Member # 2544) on :
I don't think Macromedia was competing with Adobe on too many fronts. Dreamweaver and FreeHand were pretty much the main products that directly competed with Adobe products. With this acquisition, Adobe will be able to strengthen some of its weaker areas--namely web design and Flash animation.

Adobe has pretty much monopolized the rest of the design industry already. All the designers I work with are pretty happy about this move. It just makes the company they depend on the most even stronger.
Posted by Altáriël of Dorthonion (Member # 6473) on :
Ahh...I don't worry, there is always Kazaa...
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
See, in order for me to learn exactly how the tags and language works, I need a WYSIWYG editor, at least at first, and if I'm using a new idea or tag or something. Otherwise, I can code by hand.

I still need to learn CSS. Shhh.

But I did figure out yesterday while redoing my site to be run from my MovableType that I need to SEE what a template or template tag will do BEFORE I can really design and write it. So much trial and error, when all I needed was an example, and I could've done it faster.


It still got done. Just took way longer than I wanted.
Posted by Jon Boy (Member # 4284) on :
Adobe has pretty much monopolized the rest of the design industry already.
Too true. Who else is there that can really compete with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator? Quark's being displaced by InDesign. Pretty soon, Adobe's going to have a completely unstoppable lineup of products. It sounds cool, but it also sounds a little bit scary.
I still need to learn CSS.
Yeah, you do. It really adds a whole new dimension to web design.
Posted by Zeugma (Member # 6636) on :
Flash does have a fairly steep learning curve if you aren't used to timelines.
I think this was directed at me, and it made me smile. Which I've been needing to do all day. [Smile]
Posted by Chaz_King (Member # 3184) on :
I think this was directed at me, and it made me smile. Which I've been needing to do all day. [Smile]
LOL. Well that was the hardest part for me (since I never used timelines before), The rest was mostly figuring out the way they used movie clips, nesting movie clips, and using actionscript to control the movie based on events.

Other than that I had some issues with how it handles drawing when compared to Illustrator, but that can be worked through by doing their tutorials [Big Grin]

Where did it give you trouble? Or did you just get perturbed at a lack of a certain feature or some kind of interface issue?
Posted by Zeugma (Member # 6636) on :
It's been well over a year, so I'm sure a lot of these have been addressed, but I felt very limited overall. I wanted it to be more like Final Cut, with actual transitions and splicing tools, and I wanted it to be more like MAX and Maya, with graph editors and cameras and total control over the animation. It felt like every time I wanted to grab a tool to change something, the tool wasn't there. [Smile]

I've heard that, at the very least, Flash has transitions like dissolves now, so I'm sure I'd be happier with it today.

I say as I sit here trying to create a totally 2D animation in Maya, and grousing every step of the way. [Big Grin]
Posted by unicornwhisperer (Member # 294) on :
Kat, I didn't know you were a web designer! I am too (actually went to school for it)! Unfortunately I am only working on one website now and hope to find more website work, but it is hard to find. I am also a Media Technician for my day job. [Smile]

Edit: Oh and I am not thrilled about this Adobe and Macromedia thing either. Adobe is too expensive.

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Posted by Gryphonesse (Member # 6651) on :
I think the only reason they've done this is becuse I JUST got in the newest Acrobat, Photoshop CS AND Dreamweaver MX 2004.


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