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Posted by Lady Eruve (Member # 6883) on :
Try this.
It's pretty cool. I even tried throwing a 5 digit number at him, and he still got it right.
Posted by Katarain (Member # 6659) on :
Finally figured it out.

Neat trick.

Posted by fugu13 (Member # 2859) on :
If you want to try something really fun, work out how the trick works [Smile]
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Um, my math must have been wrong, because it didn't work. [Blushing]
Posted by Lady Eruve (Member # 6883) on :
Well, I just found it doesn't work if you use the same numbers, like 1111 or 222. Or if you do any numbers that switched around and subtracted equal 0, like 3232.
Posted by fugu13 (Member # 2859) on :
Well, it does work with the same numbers, you're just not allowed to pick zero. Plus, since numerals are not differentiated, in the first case you can't scramble them up, and in the second you aren't [Wink] .
Posted by Lady Eruve (Member # 6883) on :
Um...I think I'll go work on my physics now. It's less confusing. [Wink]

I'll try to figure out the formula later.
Posted by starlooker (Member # 7495) on :
Someone please tell me how it works???
Posted by Xavier (Member # 405) on :
I can't get that website to even load [Frown] .
Posted by Grisha (Member # 6871) on :
ok i know how it works!

clearly computers actually can read minds, just like the one with Darth Vadar
Posted by Lady Eruve (Member # 6883) on :
Well, I haven't found a formula yet, but I think I know how it works. Maybe.
Posted by Dagonee (Member # 5818) on :
It's based on an old bookkeeper's trick.

SPOILER LINK Here's a less complete version of the rule. SPOILER LINK
Posted by Puppy (Member # 6721) on :

Okay ... and since the number is always divisible by nine, its digits ADD UP to a number divisible by nine, which means that all the program does is add the digits you type in, divide that number by nine, subtract the remainder from nine, and there's your answer. Clever!
Posted by whiskysunrise (Member # 6819) on :
It didn't get mine.
Posted by Beanny (Member # 7109) on :
cool...I didn't work it out yet, though.

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