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Are missiles and mortars the same thing? I take it that whatever these projectiles were was the sort of thing that can be fired by a portable device (and hence, by terrorist types), since it sounds like it wasn't the government of Jordan that did this.
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Techinically, no, (mortar) rockets and missiles are not the same thing. A rocket is a bomb with a motor. A missile is a bomb with a motor and some sort of guidance, making it more accurate. Generally speaking, missiles also usually have a bigger warhead (more explosive power).

The attack seems like it was directed at the US Navy, and, sadly, seems to have had the desired effect. And no, it was most likely not a product of the Jordanian government, either directly or indirectly.
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Mortars can only be guided from their launch point, but they are faster than missiles. P.S. How much must it suck to have your city "closed off" because some crazy foreign terrorists used it to launch their operation? And here I was bummer that my supervisor is making me come in to work today.

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