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Posted by Enigmatic (Member # 7785) on :
My company's Vice President of Customer Service was making the rounds today handing out $100 checks for a departmental bonus for good performance, along with letters explaining what it was for, thanking us, etc. He shook my hand and handed me one of the little blue folded-up check packets that I haven't seen for months because I'm on direct deposit. I looked questioningly at it, and asked if that was actually a live check or just the "this much has been deposited" notice and he said it should be a live check.

"That's odd," I said "Because I looked at my direct deposit check online today and it had a bonus on it." (Today happens to be payroll day as well.) The VP looked a little nervous and asked me to open the little blue packet to see if it was really a live check. It was. I pulled up my direct deposit statement online again and showed him that I was getting a bonus there, too. He laughed and stammered a bit and said if this was a payroll mistake it probably just cost them a few thousand dollars, and that I was the only one who had said anything about it, "Maybe you're the only honest one!"

He scampered off nervously to check on it. It turns out the bonus on my regular direct deposit check was something else entirely, a team-based bonus that my immediate supervisor gives out every few months, and the VP just hadn't known that would happen to go on checks the same day he was doing this other bonus. The best bit is, since I get to keep both I can afford to give one of them to a Hurricane Katrina charity!


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Good for you and your honesty.
Posted by Bob_Scopatz (Member # 1227) on :
This is great. You know, it's just the sort of thing that will stick with you as part of your reputation and no-one will recall the specifics. They'll all just remember hearing/knowing that you are an honest person.

Very cool!

Nice to get two bonuses in one day too! Congrats!
Posted by Enigmatic (Member # 7785) on :
They'll all just remember hearing/knowing that you are an honest person.

Yeah. Suckers!

This is the second time I've had a weird coincidence like that at this job, actually. Earlier on I got two raises in one day! I happened to go from training-level to normal rep-level on the same day that they announced the entire pay grade system was getting bumped up $1/hour. That was fun.


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