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Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
Posted by jebus202 (Member # 2524) on :
Ok, so no terribly uncreative name has been announced for the seventh book?
Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
Nope. Would be a bit presumptuous for me to post outside of the thread.
Posted by MyrddinFyre (Member # 2576) on :
Wow, the dark mark is fancier than I pictured!
Posted by unicornwhisperer (Member # 294) on :
I saw the dark mark in a preview already... [Razz]
Posted by MandyM (Member # 8375) on :
Who is the guy who cast the dark mark? I don't remember the book saying. Also wouldn't he have been masked?
Posted by Nell Gwyn (Member # 8291) on :
I'm pretty sure it was Barty Crouch, Jr, but in the book he would've been under an invisibility cloak. I was wondering why the movie shows his face at that point - wouldn't that kind of spoil the ending a little?
Posted by Evie3217 (Member # 5426) on :
I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Barty Crouch Jr. too, but he's supposed to be under the invisibility cloak, and he's supposed to be in the woods, if I remember it correctly. Why they would show his face so early in the movie is beyond me. It kind of gives away the ending, don't you think?
Posted by Nell Gwyn (Member # 8291) on :
Unless perhaps that clip with his face isn't shown at the time it happened, and it's really part of the flashback at the end when Barty Jr's explaining what he did? I'm hoping, anyway.
Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
I believe that in recent reviews of the film, the evil doer of the story is revealed well ahead of time, and is obvious to anyone who is not a mentally deficient sea sponge.

Also, I hear Dumbledore is a total jerk.

(not kidding)

(edit: also, if I'm right, no, it is not a flashback [Frown] )
Posted by Shanna (Member # 7900) on :
I heard the same things, Book.

SOOO much as been changed for this movie. Instead of just omitting large things like Cuaron did, Newell is reworking EVERYTHING.

Crouch Jr is everywhere in the movie. He's in the opening scene (which is the same as the opening of the book.) And the audience, if they're smart, will see alot of early clues explaining Crouch and Moody's "connection."
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
I also read that they completely cut Ludo Bagman, and Bill and Percy. (they probably couldn't find anyone hawt enough to play Bill).
Posted by Evie3217 (Member # 5426) on :
Why stray from the original book, I ask you? Granted, anyone who has read the books already knows that Barty Crouch is Mad-Eye Moody, but still - you'd think that they'd give the movie a little air of suspense. Or not, whatever.
Posted by jebus202 (Member # 2524) on :
Because movie-makers think the public is made almost entirely of inattentive morons and they feel they must play down to them.
Posted by digging_hoIes (Member # 6963) on :
It won't play for me. [Frown]
Posted by romanylass (Member # 6306) on :
Hey! I agree with jebus!
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
Woa! What's up with this clip?? An attack? Where are the almighty Professors?
Posted by breyerchic04 (Member # 6423) on :
Telp, I think this attack is at the QWC, so not all the professors would be there.

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