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Posted by Beanny (Member # 7109) on :
Well, she might not be a baby, but Emma is a charming little robot who is going to participate in a firefighting competition. Divided to three teams of eight, my robotics class is building three robots - one of them (the winner) is Emma.

I'm now programming with Assembler, which is very fun, but I've got a question for all you programmers: what do we need an "interrupt" for? I know how to create one, more or less, but I have no idea what it really MEANS. Here's an example for a problem given to us for exercise:

Write a program, that will activate the buzzer (we're using an SES DSM-2095 card) at a frequency of 5kHz with a Duty Cycle of 60% if the Switch0 is on, and frequency 80Hz with a Duty Cycle of 40% if the switch is off.

Now, it's not too difficult to write that program (we have two unrelated timers with a tclock of 1.085microseconds), but what use does it have? And is that for sure what you call an interrupt?

Thank you very much...........

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Posted by Minerva (Member # 2991) on :
What you want to google for is "hardware interrupt."
Posted by Beanny (Member # 7109) on :
Thanks, but might be my English and it might be because of the website, but I still can only see the program itself and not what stands behind it.
Posted by Minerva (Member # 2991) on :
An interrupt is a signal stops the flow of a program so another action can be taken.

In your situation, Switch0 would "interrupt" the main program, and change the buzzer frequency.
Posted by Beanny (Member # 7109) on :
I think I understand. You mean it's something like: Emma gets to close to the wall, so then there's an interrupt that goes: "stop what you're doing and go back to the middle".
Posted by Minerva (Member # 2991) on :
There's a "wall-proximity sensor" that says, "Hey, I see a wall." Your program decides that the response to "seeing a wall" is to go back to the middle.

On a desktop, the keyboard interrupts will be something like, "Hey, someone just pressed 'K'"
Posted by Beanny (Member # 7109) on :
I see...thank you very much!

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