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Posted by JTruant711 (Member # 8868) on :
Ah, I have seen, over my brief stint here, much talk of supporting the troops. Well, with the holidays fast approaching and Joe stuck in Iraq without turkey, gifts neatly wrapped, and I believe that Santa Claus is still adhering to the local travel warning here; I am suggesting a few websites that you can get on to support the troops. All you blue- or red- blooded Yanks.

Heck, you can even go to Rush Limbaugh's website and hand out subscriptions to his Rush 24/7 until you are blue (or maybe red) in the face.

I'm still waiting for Tom Daschle to offer that same deal on his radio program....

SBS.... unite.
Posted by Bean Counter (Member # 6001) on :
I agree of course, my Christmas list this year is as follows.

Serenity! (the movie)
Crunch and Munch!
Bootleg copy of Goblet of Fire
Subscription to the Lumbaugh Letter
Conversational Lithuanian CD ROM
Auto CAD
Building Electric and Plumping code on CD
My own NVG's
an M4 with PAC 2 and holographic optics
and a new Drop Weapon (I used the old one) preferably and AK 47 or something similar...

Posted by JTruant711 (Member # 8868) on :

Seriously, there are no drop weapons, we aren't the LAPD...

I'm kidding.
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
You know, I hear frag grenades and Sigs make fantastic stocking stuffers.
Posted by JTruant711 (Member # 8868) on :
Yes, that's where I keep my ammunitions, In my Christmas stocking... Seriously.
Posted by Bean Counter (Member # 6001) on :
I have more HE then I can carry and this 203 still has an M16 A2 attached to it! Oh and I want a pony...

Posted by JTruant711 (Member # 8868) on :
H.E., God's gift to lunatics.

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