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Posted by Xavier (Member # 405) on :
The story...

I think the punishment fit the crime.

Edit: and anyone tempted to make a dobie of this thread, resist the urge please. I think we've already had that dobie anyway.
Posted by Xan (Member # 9015) on :
Priceless XD
Posted by Theaca (Member # 8325) on :
What a moron. He's been well punished for mouse torture and illegal leaf burning.
Posted by Tatiana (Member # 6776) on :
Ugh, who would burn alive a living feeling creature on purpose? How horrible! Some days I feel appalled to be a member of the human species.
Posted by krynn (Member # 524) on :
umm, what about Peter Wiggin???
Posted by Black Mage (Member # 5800) on :
Uh . . . Peter's squirrel-torturing phase didn't exactly show his best side, dear.
Posted by Primal Curve (Member # 3587) on :
What are fictional characters in popular science fiction novels?

I'll take "humane ways of removing rodents from homes and THEN burning their carcasses" for 600, Alex.
Posted by Ela (Member # 1365) on :
Anyone else read this as "evidence for the existence of Kama"? [Razz]
Posted by Evie3217 (Member # 5426) on :
*raises hand* I did!
Posted by Strider (Member # 1807) on :

I'd link to my original one but I don't think it exists anymore.

Posted by Tante Shvester (Member # 8202) on :
Originally posted by Ela:
Anyone else read this as "evidence for the existence of Kama"? [Razz]

This is her homepage. Does that count as evidence?

We should all take a lesson from this story:
Think twice before immolating mice.
Posted by james01 (Member # 8863) on :
Whenever I say something to my dad that he doesn't like, and then I trip or something, he'll say see you got punished.
Posted by Ray Bingham (Member # 9006) on :
This is evidence that there's a Vengeful Mouse Fire God.

Posted by Lissande (Member # 350) on :
"The Secret Diary of Aragorn, son of Arathorn" on Kama's site is so funny that it motivated me to dig out my password from my old email account so I could post how funny it is.

And considering that I haven't posted (since giving up second screen name after the forum stopped recognizing one character) for weeks because I was too lazy to find my password, you may conclude that that is pretty stinking funny.
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
Hi Lissande! [Wave]
Posted by Lissande (Member # 350) on :
[Wave] Icarus!
Posted by Tatiana (Member # 6776) on :
Lissa, I went looking for the secret diary of which you spoke. Umm..... is there an English translation? (You read Polish now too? <impressed>)
Posted by Architraz Warden (Member # 4285) on :
For all you people wishing ill upon the guy in this story:

Shame on you.

Not sure if this is better than the trashcan or not...
Posted by Lissande (Member # 350) on :
Well, it says "translated by CammyK," so I wonder if it's actually translated from English. If so, though, I've never seen it (not that I've read many of those parody dealies).

You read Polish now too?
What, like it's hard? [Razz] I read Polish the way a Spanish speaker reads Portuguese. All I can actually say in Polish is Czi mluvisz po Angielsku, Dzen dobre, dzenkuje and stuff like that, though those are all spelled wrong. (Do you speak English, hello, thank you) The number of languages I don't speak is constantly increasing. [Big Grin]

edit: ps, it's a Bridget Jones-style diary, "Number of Orcs killed: 7. v.g." "Still not king yet" in every entry just really made me laugh.

pps. and I am only assuming that "B.db." is "v.g." in Bridget terms. [Dont Know]
Posted by Kama (Member # 3022) on :
ya, I translated these from English some years ago. There was a link to the original somewhere, but it doesn't work anymore. You should be able to find them somewhere, still, I think belle was the one who posted them at Hatrack, which prompted me to do the Polish version. [Smile]

edit: and yes, you're assuming correctly about Bridget. [Smile]

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