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Posted by BGgurl (Member # 8541) on :
I don't know if any of you have ever seen this flash, but I came across it a few days ago and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think it's related to the Europian myth of the tomten. Yeah, I know this is a little random, but the music and animation in this are lovely. Anyway, tell me what you think.

By the way, does anyone know the address of Newfoundlogic's family? If so, please post it or email it to me at I'd like to send them a card.
Posted by human_2.0 (Member # 6006) on :
I think those northern European types have all kinds of myths about little creatures. The Scandinavian shop here is full of troll dolls or figurines.
Posted by BGgurl (Member # 8541) on :
Does anyone have an address I could send my card to? If you could give it to me, I would really appreciate it [Smile]

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