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Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
Warning: This is pure evil.
Even worse if you actually listen to it.

[ July 05, 2006, 08:12 PM: Message edited by: Phanto ]
Posted by Avadaru (Member # 3026) on :
That was really awful. But, (and maybe I'm just desensitized from all the other stuff I see on TV) I didn't think it was all that overtly sexual (at least, not what I would expect from Paris Hilton.) Not vulgarly so, anyway.
Posted by Bob_Scopatz (Member # 1227) on :
Bob Marley is rolling over in his grave.

Paris Hilton does reggae-lite.

I think those guys from Milli-Vanilli are doing her vocals for her and she just lip synchs.
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
You plagarized my why thread... FOR THIS????
Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
Avadaru: Heheheh [Smile] . To be honest, this is the most sexual thing I've ever watched from start to finish, which I guess says a lot about me ^^.
Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
Orincoro: Because I, like this movie, am evil?

Ho. Ho. Ho.
Posted by TL (Member # 8124) on :
Ho. Ho. Ho.
Who you callin' a ho?
Posted by James Tiberius Kirk (Member # 2832) on :
Paris Hilton's New Music Video "Stars Are Blind"
I envy them.

--j_k, who initially neglected to log out his brother
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
Only pH may call me a Ho. You can't have that Phanto. [No No]
Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
You what?! You're denying me?


Now I have no choice but to turn to a life of nebbish crime, of dobying all your threads until your life becomes a living hell.

Ho ho ho. Oh, wait, I can't even laugh anymore >.<

"Ha. Ha. Ha."

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