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Posted by citadel (Member # 8367) on :
So I am thinking of getting tivo but am not sure if is worth it. I abhor commercials and don't need to see pizza hut or arby's or any other sorta food ads at night when I don't need to be eating or even thinking about eating.

Is tivo worth it?
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
We have ReplayTV, not Tivo, but my answer would be "absolutely." It's completely changed our viewing habits, and you don't realize how many commercials you see -- and how often people talk about them -- until you cut them out of your life.

It also makes it easier to watch shows. You can watch an entire episode of "The Simpsons" in 18 minutes.
Posted by citadel (Member # 8367) on :
Interesting. What exactly is ReplayTV? A competitor of tivo?
Also, what I really want is just a dvr for recording stuff off tv. We don't have cable. What advantages does tivo have over just buying a stand alone dvr box?
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
Well, it depends. Do you always know when you want to record things, usually some time in advance?

Because I'll tell you, the main advantage we get from our ReplayTV (which is a DVR, just like Tivo is) is that it gives us the ability to go "wait, I just missed that. Can you play it back?) And pause if someone comes to the door. And since it automatically records what you're currently watching, you don't need to remind yourself to do it.

Tivo's even friendlier, as I understand it, because it allows you to tell it to record "all episodes of this show," "all episodes I don't have," "all shows with this actor," and so forth. Our ReplayTV box just lets us search and schedule by program title.

That said, if you don't have cable, it's probably not worth the money; I can't imagine that you watch enough TV to justify the monthly subscription. I'd just hook my PC up to my TV and use that as my DVR.
Posted by Lupus (Member # 6516) on :
If you don't have cable, I don't much see the point...since you wouldn't have many channels to sort through anyway.

Everyone knows the basics of Tivo. It can record shows, pause TV, and so forth. In addition, it can record "season passes" It automatically will record every episode of a show (even if it changes days or time).

Though, I think the best feature of the Tivo (and what makes it worth its money) is the wish list. You tell it the names of your favorite actors, directors, or even keywords of movie names or topics and it will automatically record things that fit that criteria when they come on. It is very handy for seeing your favorite actors in movies that you didn't even know were on TV, or catching them on talk show appearances.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
I also don't have cable. I looked into Tivo and various DVR options a while back, and decided I was better off with a Netflix subscription.

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