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Posted by KarlEd (Member # 571) on :

Visit this site and send your name on a mission to the Asteroid Belt. Be part of space exploration history!! [Big Grin]
Posted by BlackBlade (Member # 8376) on :
Oh man and here I thought I was getting the chance to have an asteroid named after me. In any case my name being on a slip of paper or worse in a database on board the spacecraft will have to do.
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
I think it's cool.
Considering my name will live on long after I'm dead. Nice to have a record that I ever existed.
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
My name went to Mars. But it was my maiden name. Maybe I'd better do this one in my married name.
Posted by larisse (Member # 2221) on :
You know. This looks like fun, but it reminds me of a short story idea I had. Basically, the story is about a rash of alien abductions. And, it is discovered that what these people have in common are that their names were on lists sent out into space. The idea being that the aliens think these people are important to humanity or something. Really not sure if this would be a comedy or a thriller.

Am I really ready to be abducted?

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