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Posted by Nathan2006 (Member # 9387) on :
Okay, I read the trilogy 'The secret Kingdom' (I'm unsure about the name) and I loved it. It's fun, and it's not to serious, but I got completely engrossed in the characters, and the world. It's about 5 children who make up a 'pretend' game, only to find out that it's real.

I loved it (Having 3 sibblings, and having played a good deal of pretend myself).

Any thoughts about it? It's by Pamela Dean. Just wanted to see what the 'experience' sci-fi/fantasy readers thought, if they had read it.

It's listed as YA, which doesn't make sense to me. I think that because it's about children, it's considered YA... But then, Ender's Game would be YA too.

Maybe it's too light-hearted to be a 'real' adult fantasy, but I think it's very good.

Anyway, I'm rambling again. Tell me what you think.
Posted by Lisa (Member # 8384) on :
The Secret Country
The Hidden Land
Whim of the Dragon

and Owlswater (a story about Shan from long before the trilogy takes place)

It's one of my favorite stories of all time. You should read her Tam Lin as well.

I'm 43, and I intend to read it and reread it until I'm under the ground. I can't recommend it enough.

Incidentally, Ender's Game is marketed in different editions, and one of them is as a YA book.
Posted by Nathan2006 (Member # 9387) on :
Ooo!!! I want to read the Tam Lin series. I'll have to check in Barnes and Nobles! I've been meaning to, but I'm forgetful, and I like the library, that way I don't have to actually *pay* for books. Paying is like, barbaric. LOL

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