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Posted by Little_Doctor (Member # 6635) on :

I'm excited! [Party]
Posted by Rappin' Ronnie Reagan (Member # 5626) on :
Posted by Mathematician (Member # 9586) on :
The only sad thing about this is I have to wait over a year more :-(.

This is intruguing: "By the way, we are looking into producing a full 22-minute episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad for the DVD release. I am serious."

I'm excited too!!
Posted by Eduardo St. Elmo (Member # 9566) on :
Whoohoo! This is definitely something to look forward too. Fortunately I can be fairly patient when I need to be.
Posted by HollowEarth (Member # 2586) on :
Yeah, its really easy when nothing you do could possibly speed things up, huh?
Posted by Mig (Member # 9284) on :
I've yet to read a clear story on this. My under standing is that we're waiting on four direct-to-DVD movies that will be shown on Comedy Central as 13 to 16 individual episodes, not full seasons or an indifinite return of the series, ala Family Guy. Now that thought makes me angry. The thought that that trash is back on the air and the genius that is Futurama isn't. That's just insane.
Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 8624) on :
I've been watching those two shows side by side for a number of years now.

While, originally, I liked FAmily Guy better, I realized the other day that now I prefer Futurama. Futurama has a heart. That's something I'm finding I greatly prefer now in retrospect. Family Guy is rather soulless, and while its' funny, it's grown less funny over the years, even the old episodes. Futurama, on the other hand, has grown, while not funnier as I've seen all the episodes a dozen times each, more enjoyable, not less.
Posted by JonHecht (Member # 9712) on :
Go hypnotoad!!!
Posted by Koga (Member # 5646) on :
cool, so when does Dark Angel get to come back?
Posted by Libbie (Member # 9529) on :


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