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Posted by FlyingCow (Member # 2150) on :
So, I'm setting off tomorrow morning at 6 am for Houston to go see Rutgers take on Kansas State in the Texas Bowl. My girfriend and I arrive at 11:30, check into our hotel, grab lunch, and then head off to tailgate for a 7 pm kickoff.

Friday we're looking at checking out NASA, but beyond that we have Friday evening and all day Saturday to fill.

Any suggestions?
Posted by Jim-Me (Member # 6426) on :
Well I was going to suggest hitting what has been far and away the best live music venue I have ever seen, the Sidecar Pub, but I went to the website and they closed in November. Sorry.
Posted by PrometheusBound (Member # 10020) on :
Houston has a nice Museum of Fine Arts. I went there on my first date.
Posted by Ben (Member # 6117) on :
Eat at Chuy's. My wife loves it and the food is tasty.
Posted by PrometheusBound (Member # 10020) on :
Oh, sure, you could eat at Chuy's in Houston, but the original is in Austin.
Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :
Chuy's is good. And I still highly recommend the breakfast place I mentioned in the college football thread.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
I had a lot of fun at Houston's natural history museum, but that was a good decade ago.
Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :
The good thing about a history museum, though, is that nothing in it goes out of style.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
This is true.
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
If Luther's was still open around there, I'd say to stop in and get a baked potato, I swear to goodness that was my favorite part of visiting relatives in Houston.

NASA is fun, so is the museum, which always has nice special exhibits.
Posted by vonk (Member # 9027) on :
The Menil is my favorite museum in Houston. Plus it's free.

Chuy's is good, but Houston also has Mama Ninfa's, rumored to be the birthplace of the fajita and definitely some of the best texmex/mexican you'll find in the US.

Uh... if you like 80's music, karaoke and indie kids, The Proletariat is pretty cool. That's were I am every Friday night anyway.

There's lots of pretty cool stuff to do in Houston. What kind of things do you usually like to do when visiting new cities?
Posted by Ophelia (Member # 653) on :
Mama Ninfa's food literally made me cry. Go Chuy's all the way.

The Menil is awesome, though. I'd hit that over the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Empire Cafe has some delicious cake. The rest of their food is pretty good, too. It's in Montrose, which can be an interesting area.

And since this is Hatrack, I can't not mention The Hobbit Cafe. It's a rather fun place to grab a bite to eat.
Posted by pfresh85 (Member # 8085) on :
I have fond memories of the Museum of Fine Arts, but it's been many years since I've been there so I don't know how it stands now.
Posted by vonk (Member # 9027) on :
Mama Ninfa's food literally made me cry
Wow. I've never heard a sentiment even remotely close to this. I wonder if they had a cook that was quiting or something? ::shrug::

I was just thinking this morning that the Empire Cafe would be a good place for a visitor to, uh, visit. It's got good food, is right next door to Agora, a really neat Greek coffee shop, and surrounded by many cool antique and specialty shops.

There's also the Red Cat Jazz Cafe downtown, which is very good. La Carafe is also downtown, has an amazing juke box, good wine selection, excellent ambience and a great view.
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
Just outside the back gates of NASA is Miller's Cafe. They have the best burgers in the world. I like the bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and BBQ sauce. It's quite messym but amazing.

Near NASA (which is a must see) is Keemah Boardwalk. It is right on the Gulf of Mexico (actually Galveston Bay) and there are a bunch of restaurants there. There are also plenty of rides and carnival games.

Keemah is about 5 miles from where I used to live. It's a great place. Have fun.

Definately go to NASA. They just restored the only remaining Saturn V rocket (originally slated for Apollo 18).
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
So how was the Houston Trip?

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