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Posted by Puffy Treat (Member # 7210) on :
This looks very dumb...but the fun kind of dumb.
Posted by Bella Bee (Member # 7027) on :
Oh, goody. It does look like fun. [Smile]
Posted by T_Smith (Member # 3734) on :
Looks exponantially better than the 2nd one, that's for sure.
Posted by Kama (Member # 3022) on :
*agrees with Nate*

oh well, as long as it has Johnny Depp in it...
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
First off, it looks like one hell of a ride! Second, on the other hand, I already got just a little bit bored with some of the high seas ship stuff just from the trailer. We've already seen two movies of that, this has to be monumentally different to not just be the same thing rehashed. The second movie was good I thought, just a half hour too long, and full of bloated shipboard scenes that really needed to be cut.

The whole pirate armada thing looked pretty cool, and I liked that when Jack was fighting Davy Jones, the music was in time to their sword strikes. I'm a little surprised this hasn't been released sooner, the movie comes out in just two months.

I'm very excited to see this, and I really hope it's everything I'm looking forward to it being. And I really hope there are a lot of surprises in it.
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
My sister and I saw the trailer on TV last night for the first time. It was so unexpected and we just sat there with our mouths hanging open. I'm sorry for those of you who've decided it's lame, but but I thought that trailer was amazing. I absolutely cannot wait!!

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