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Posted by Jeni (Member # 1454) on :
Has anyone here had any success with drugs prescribed to prevent migraines? Everyone I've talked to so far who has tried various medications had little or no success. Also, there are so many out there that finding the one that might work for me seems like a frighteningly long process.

I admit I have only tried one so far - Verapamil - but my experience with it was not a pleasant one and I am hesitant to try more. A few success stories might change my mind.

If anyone has any advice for dealing with them once they arrive I welcome that as well. I currently take rizatriptan, but at $25 a dose the insurance company only allows 4 per month and that just doesn't cut it for my chronic migraines. The doctor has prescribed me various pain medications but I cannot function on them. Caffeine + 3-4 Advil works at times but I will probably give myself an ulcer by age thirty.
Posted by Stephan (Member # 7549) on :
100% effective? no.

They have quadrupled my wife's prescription of Topomax since she started. She does not get as many, but she still gets them. The doctors have just about given up, and have actually referred her to someone that does accupuncture.
Posted by Stephan (Member # 7549) on :
Have they tried the diet on you yet? It worked a little for her, but really cut out a lot of food. Including that coffee of yours.
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
I have seen that most patients I know of who are on daily prophylactic treatment for migraines do have a significantly fewer (for that person) number of migraines per month. Sometimes it takes time to figure out whic one, as options include beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, antidepressants, antiepileptics, lithium, serotonin antagonists, corticosteroids and muscle relaxants. That's a lot of different potential therapies to try [as you note yourself in the original post], and I bet many people just give up before going the full gambit.

Of note, this is different from the treatment for Chronic Daily Headache, although undertreated recurrent migraines have been known to transform into CDH. For CDH, botulinum toxin Type A has the most evidence for effective prophylaxis.
Posted by ludosti (Member # 1772) on :
I have not tried any of the prescription migraine prevention medications. At my doctor's suggestion in my early 20s, I took feverfew (I can't remember the amount though) daily for about 6 months. After that 6 months I had much fewer migraines than I had before (I was getting 4-5/week before, and after I was getting about 2/month).

I'm assuming that since you're at the preventative medication stage that you've already done things like keeping a food/sleep/mood journal to pinpoint what your migraine triggers are (though my main triggers are stress and hormone changes - not things I can do much about - I was able to pinpoint other triggers to avoid - in my case, bananas and MSG). If you haven't done so, I'd suggest you try keeping a detailed journal for 3-4 weeks to help you identify your triggers (so you know what things to avoid).

I know how horrible living with migraines can be and I really hope you can find what works for you!
Posted by Lisa (Member # 8384) on :
When I feel one coming on, I take a Zomig. It knocks me out, and when I wake up, there's no migraine.
Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
It knocks you out? Sounds like I could use that for my insomina [Wink] .
Posted by NotMe (Member # 10470) on :
I don't really have much to help you, but I do have a friend who used to have frequent migraines. When he realized they were more common on camping trips, we figured out one of the primary triggers for him: dehydration. Once he got diligent about drinking enough water in a day, his problem became very manageable. I guess the slightest imbalance can cause problems for some people.

I hope you find something that works for you.
Posted by IrishAphrodite19 (Member # 1880) on :
I don't really have traditional migranes, but I do get frequent low intensity headaches. My doctors have me on a fairly high dosage of Topamax as well as an herbal supplament called Migralief (it has Feverfew in it). I find that the compination of both works pretty well. Like others have said, I do not have complete relief but it is way better than before. Now I only get headaches when I have done something to deserve them (such as not get enough sleep, drink too much caffine, stress too much, or eat a tigger food).


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