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Posted by airmanfour (Member # 6111) on :
I'm listening to it right now, and it's FANTASTIC. I didn't think The Odyssey could be beat, but as of song four they're in contention. Awesome lyrics/lyricist, and Michael Romeo whaling away on that gee-tar. Wowzer.
Posted by Flaming Toad on a Stick (Member # 9302) on :
Thanks for the reccomend. I'll pick it up.
Posted by GaalDornick (Member # 8880) on :
Agreed. I mentioned this CD in the thread looking for heavy metal recommendations.

Russell Allen has my favorite voice in the world. His singing goes from melodic singing to evil-sounding...growls (can't think of a better word). Listen to his verse in "Set the World on Fire" and then "Paradise Lost" and tell me how someone can have such a versatile voice.

And Michael Romeo is the man. I'd put him in the top 10 guitarists in the world right now. One of the most technically proficient guitarists and an amazing songwriter, too.

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