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Posted by 777 (Member # 9506) on :
These look awesome!

Sure, the names are somewhat out there, but nothing is final yet. And look at Thor!

Naturally, Starcraft II's new units are somewhat controversial--namely, many people hate them.

Sadly enough, these are probably the same people who were speculating about even more ridiculous units prior to the announcement.
Posted by BlackBlade (Member # 8376) on :
Very exciting stuff, *keeps saving for a new computer next year*
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
*transoformers sound affect*

Viking.... Maximize!
Posted by MightyCow (Member # 9253) on :
About time we got an awesome new video game.
Posted by BlackBlade (Member # 8376) on :
The dynamic of an air unit that can avoid air specific defense by going into robotic mode is kinda interesting. Obviously to the protoss it won't make a difference.
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
It's Robotech all over again!
Posted by Alcon (Member # 6645) on :
I'm kinda sketchy on the idea of super units...

But the rest of it looks awesome. I like the command center cannon.
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
I'm in love with the Protoss Mothership.
Seat of the new Conclave! [Big Grin]

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